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Handling the formalities for “green tariff” for legal entities:
  • consult on due order and procedure for setting the “green tariff”;
  • obtain an electricity generation license;
  • prepare and submit a package of documents to the SE Guaranteed Buyer for signing of electricity sale and purchase agreement according to “green” tariff (where required);
  • prepare and submit a package of documents for setting the “green tariff” to the NCSREPU (the National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities);
  • receive and deliver to you a copy of resolution on setting for you (your enterprise) the “green tariff” on electricity sales.


Documents to be provided by the Client for setting the “green” tariff

List of documents
Information on the company and contact information
Documents on the commencement and completion of construction of the power plant
Documents confirming the connection of the power generation unit to the power grids
We will provide you with a complete and detailed list of documents required for establishing “green” tariff upon signing of the Legal Services Agreement.
The cost of setting the “green tariff” depends on whether you need legal support of the signing of the Electricity Sale and Purchase Agreement under the “green” tariff with the Guaranteed Buyer, SE.

The cost of setting the “green tariff” does not include the generation license fee that amount to one subsistence minimum applicable on the date of the decision to issue the license.

Why us

Legal support for obtaining “green” tariff on a turnkey basis
We are not just aimed at providing one specific service. We are committed to provide our Clients with a comprehensive approach to achieve their objectives. Our company has qualified specialists who specialize in comprehensive support of the establishment of “green” tariff, including: Registration of your company, Obtainment of the Electricity Generation License, Signing of the Electricity Sale and Purchase Agreement with the Guaranteed Buyer, SE; Registration as an electricity market participant.
Comprehensive support of the case at the ncsrepu
When working with our company, you don’t need to personally contact state authorities. This will save you a lot of effort. Any non-standard situations arising at the licensing authority will be resolved by our lawyers.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

It is important to understand that the procedure for setting “green” tariff for private households (installations with a total capacity of less than 30 kW) is different.

In particular, there is no need to obtain the Electricity Generation License, and the electricity will be sold to the electricity supplier supplying electricity at a regulated tariff in the territory of the household.

Answers to frequently asked questions

When do I need to sign the Electricity Purchase and Sale Agreement with the Guaranteed Buyer, SE?

The Agreement must be signed before or after setting the “green” tariff for your company. This depends on the capacity of your power plant.

How long does the NCSREPU decide on setting the “green” tariff?

The decision is made within 30 days upon submission of the documents to the NCSREPU.

When shall the power plant be connected to the state electricity grid?

The power plant shall be connected to the state power grids before submission of the documents for obtaining the Electricity Generation License.

Can I submit documents for the Electricity Generation License together with the documents for setting the “green” tariff?

Yes. Pursuant to the procedure for setting the “green” tariff, you are not obliged to have the Electricity Generation License at this stage. You can obtain the License and set the “green” tariff in parallel.

What do you need to know about the Green Tariff in Ukraine?

It’s worth noting that since 01.01.2020 the Green Tariff will be set for economic entities that have power generating equipment with generating capacity:

  • less than 1 MW - for facilities generating electricity from sunlight;
  • less than 5 MW - for facilities generating electricity wind energy.

If the installed capacity of generating equipment is higher than the above indicators and the business entity does not sign the Electricity Purchase and Sale Agreement under the “green” tariff with the Guaranteed Buyer, SE until 31 December 2019, it is obliged to participate in auctions to acquire the right for support for the guaranteed purchase of the entire volume of electricity supplied by such business entities.
Please contact our employees, to find out the price and procedure for setting the “green” tariff.

Legal assistance in setting the Green Tariff

Our company has been working in the legal services market for more than 10 years. We were among the first to learn and master not only the procedure of licensing business activities in the energy sector after the reform in this sector of the economy, but also the procedure of the companies’ entry into the electricity market of Ukraine. 

Thanks to our extensive experience and valuable knowledge, we can offer you:

  • Reliability. If we take on the task, it will be solved.
  • Simple solutions. We strive to find the best possible solution. Moreover, we do not try to make a complex face and to gain a price. Our task is to make the solution of the problem simple and the most suitable for you.
  • Efficiency. Deep legal expertise of our lawyers allows us to address any issue holistically, and therefore we find the solution quickly and with maximum benefit for the Client.

We are always ready to cooperate! If you want to get advice on the procedure for setting the “green” tariff or order the service, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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