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Usually, the concept of "citizenship" is understood in a one-sided format: as certain benefits, benefits, advantages granted to a person on an irreversible basis. Therefore, the more passports a person has, the more opportunities he has.

However, the presence of citizenship implies compliance with many obligations - to protect the Motherland, pay taxes and generally obey the laws.

Therefore, if a person aspires to become a full-fledged member of another country and does not want to bear the duties of a citizen of Ukraine, he can think about terminating his citizenship. The same applies to foreign citizens wishing to obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

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Renouncing Ukrainian Citizenship: Key Points to Know
Grounds for termination of citizenship are:obtain Ukrainian citizenship.

  • leaving citizenship;
  • loss, cancellation of citizenship;
  • exceptional cases determined by international treaties.

The exit procedure is the termination of citizenship at the request of a person (or one of his parents), one of the reasons for which is obtaining the citizenship of another country.

Having collected the necessary documents, the person applies to the relevant consular institution at the place of residence, because a mandatory condition is the registration of a citizen of Ukraine for permancall usent residence abroad and the presence of a confirming stamp in the passport document. Accordingly, documents are submitted at the place of permanent residence. The general period of consideration of documents can last up to 2 years. In the case of a positive decision, a Presidential Decree on the termination of citizenship is issued and the person is informed of the decision, passport documents are withdrawn and a certificate of withdrawal from Ukrainian citizenship is provided.

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Procedures for loss and cancellation of citizenship involve a unilateral decision by the state to terminate citizenship at the individual's request. This happens on the basis of the submission of the migration service or consular institution and requires compliance with certain requirements.

The grounds for loss of citizenship are voluntary acquisition of citizenship of another state, establishment of facts of acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship as a result of deception, submission of forged documents, voluntary entry into military service of another state, etc.

Of course, if the issue of relinquishing citizenship is faced by a foreigner who wants to acquire Ukrainian citizenship in the future, it is necessary to focus on the norms of the individual's country of origin.

If you would like to learn more about the procedure for terminating citizenship, registration of departure abroad for permanent residence or acquisition of Ukrainian citizenship, call us.

Publication date: 14/02/2020

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