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The documents for obtaining the Electricity License must be submitted to the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (hereinafter - the NEURC), at the following address: 19, Smolensk St., Kyiv. Contact telephone number: (044) 204-70-72.

The period for obtaining the license with our lawyers’ assistance is 12 business days.

The official state fee for the Electricity Supply License amounts to one living wage for able-bodied persons (UAH 2,197 as of July 2020).

Find out the price of obtaining the Electricity License here.

The procedure of documents review at the NEURC:

1. Once the preparatory stage of collecting documents and preparing the current company’s website has been completed, the full package of documents (application, statements on the ways of conducting business activities, power of attorney for the representative and the list of documents submitted) must be submitted to the NEURC. 

One of the most important issues  when preparing for submission of documents, as well as a criterion for evaluation of your documents, is a correctly prepared and developed website. 

See the requirements for the electricity supplier’s website here.

In the office, a specialist, who will take the documents, will issue a second copy of the list of documents submitted, put the date and his/her signature. Success in obtaining the license quickly depends directly on the correctness of completed documents. 

In practice, a lot depends on how well you fit the electricity licensing system and how quickly you can understand what went wrong with your documents and find common ground with the specialists who review them. 

2. The NEURC holds an open online meeting at which a decision on the license is taken. As a rule, the commission meeting is held every Tuesday

3. Based on the results of this meeting, the Commission publishes on its official website the results of the meeting and decisions of the NEURC. But in practice, holding such meetings does not always coincide with the established rules (one commission per week), so the results can be waited longer than 10 business days following the date of submission of documents to the licensing authority. 

4. After publication of the positive result on the NEURC official website, the licensee must pay the state fee within 10 days. 

After the payment of the fee, the receipt of the license fee payment with a bank stamp must be submitted to the NEURC, after which you will finally be able to get a decision on the license issuance in paper form.   

It is important to remember that obtaining a license is only the first step. Next, you will face a multi-stage procedure for entering the electricity market.

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The price and list of services for obtaining the Electricity Licence

Our energy lawyer will help you with the preparation of all necessary documents, website, as well as assist with any stage of registration in the electricity market.

Publication date: 13/07/2020

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