How To Register A Foreign Representative Office In Ukraine?

Starting a representative office in Ukraine is an opportunity to expand your business, conquer a new market and establish new sales channels for your products or services.

But the procedure of entering a new market, even in a foreign country, raises many questions:

  • What business opportunities does a representative office offer in Ukraine?

  • What is better - to start a representative office or to register a separate subsidiary company in Ukraine?

  • What taxes will have to be paid in Ukraine?

  • Will it be possible to move personnel, for example managers, from the main company to the new representative office?

  • What is the procedure for withdrawing funds from the representative office to the parent company?

However, only those who have an understanding of not only the rules of doing business in Ukraine, but also know the relevant laws and are able to apply them in practice, can answer these questions.

Our lawyers offer you comprehensive assistance within the service for registering a foreign representative office in Ukraine on a turnkey basis.

We will offer you the range of services and solutions which are optimal for you. Our lawyers can undertake not only the whole process of the representative office registration, but also help with the following aspects of its activity:

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Advice on registration of a foreign representative office in Ukraine.

The price of registering a representative office in Ukraine will depend on the extent of services you will need. Thus, we can start with a legal consultation, during which a lawyer will introduce you to the process and elaborate on the registration procedure, additional services you will need if, for example, you would like to appoint a foreign director to the representative office and the duration of the procedure.

Please note! In case of ordering the service the introductory consultation will be included in the service price.

You can find the price of registration of a representative office by following the link on our service page, where you can choose a package of services which meets your needs.

All negotiations with the lawyers of our firm can be held online, via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or any other way convenient for you. 

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Our company’s legal services for the registration of a foreign representative office.

As part of the registration of a foreign representation, our lawyers will:

  • Consult on the representative office registration procedure and advise on the most advantageous option for the Client;

  • Provide detailed information on the peculiarities of functioning of a representative office in Ukraine;

  • Prepare draft decision of the parent company on establishment of a representative office in Ukraine, as well as other documents required for registration of a representative office;

  • Bring your documents in line with the requirements of the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade to eliminate the risk of refusal of registration;

  • Submit documents for the registration of a foreign representative office on your behalf and monitor their consideration;

  • Provide you with ready-made documents on the registration of a representative office;

  • Assist you with obtaining service cards for foreign employees of the representative office.

When providing services to help foreign companies enter the market of Ukraine we faced a variety of situations. For example, while registering a representative office of a hardware manufacturer that wanted to transfer a foreign director from the head office to its Ukrainian office we faced with the fact that the tax authorities demanded an additional decision for appointing a director, although the only document, on the basis of which the director could work in Ukraine, was a special kind of power of attorney from the parent company.

We helped to prepare documents, which satisfied all requests of tax authorities in Ukraine, so the process of registration and appointment of the director of the representative office was successfully completed. 

You can find interesting information in our lawyer’s article about repatriation of income from Ukraine here.

Do you want to start a representative office of your company in Ukraine or to enter the Ukrainian market in another way? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will offer you the best strategy and take care of all the procedural aspects of registering a representative office in Ukraine.

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Publication date: 05/02/2021

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