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Charity foundation
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Charitable foundation with a register of volunteer organizations
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The today’s situation in Ukraine requires quick decisions to support the victims of the war and the defenders of our country.

Given the huge number of people who want to help, both in Ukraine and abroad, the main thing is to correctly organize the incoming funds and transfer them to where they are needed most.

The difficulty over the past month has been twofold:

  • when transferring large sums of money, certain types of assistance, especially from foreign legal entities, organizations, the same official person from the Ukrainian side was also required – in many cases the bureaucracy of the sending country required at least a charitable foundation, the documents and data of which could be recorded;
  • to register a new charitable foundation for two long weeks was simply impossible – state registrars did not work in Ukraine.

Even now, when the registrars are working, many people turn to us to buy a ready-made charitable foundation. It gives an opportunity not only to get a ready-made foundation in a short time, but also to have an advantage over newly established foundations, in cases of tenders, etc.

Our company has several charitable foundations to choose from. If you want to spend less time and get a fund registered several years ago, included in the registers you need, but absolutely clean - please contact us.

Our funds are created for sale. They are absolutely clean, not publicly available, even you will receive a code only after prepayment.

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What documents are needed to buy a charitable foundation during a time of war?

Our company offers to buy ready-made charitable foundations, which were created purposely for sale.

This means that they conducted no activity, submitted blank statements on time, and the foundation was registered by experienced lawyers.

All documents of the foundation are provided to the client after the prepayment for the foundation. We do not give the registration code of the foundation in advance, to protect our future clients, because such information can be used by fraudsters. Who will be pleased to get the foundation with information disclosed in the network?

With regard to the buyer of the foundation, the following documents will be required:

  • Passport data and identification tax numbers of all new foundation members;
  • Data of the head of the foundation;
  • Information on what changes you want to make to the data about the foundation: name, address, scope of activity, etc.

The main advantages of a ready-made charitable foundation in times of war:

  • they already have the non-profit status, you can immediately accept charitable assistance into the account;
  • the foundation will have a “history”, which means it can be trusted by foreign partners.

The procedure for transferring a ready-made charitable foundation is now as follows:

  1. After the prepayment for the ready foundation (10%), we reserve the foundation for the Client and give him the opportunity to check all the documents of the foundation. If the Client is ready to purchase the foundation immediately, the documents for the re-registration are prepared within a few hours;
  2. The documents to be signed (articles of association and decision to establish a foundation) are prepared;
  3. Signed documents are submitted to us via mail or courier service – we will help arrange delivery. Data are transferred by our Clients to the state registrar;
  4. In 1-2 business days, information about the change of members (founders) and head of the foundation is recorded in the unified state register, and the registration procedure is considered to be completed.

Note: During war, deadlines may be somewhat delayed both in registering the foundation and in re-registering it.

Please note! Since the registries are working again, it is possible to register a charitable foundation for yourself, specifying the specific needs and goals of the foundation. The cost of registering a new charitable foundation can be found here.

We have already talked about the registration procedure of a charitable foundation in Ukraine during the war here.

We also offer advice on how to transfer money to the foundation’s account, accept humanitarian aid and distribute money for the needs and goals of the foundation.

If you want to receive and distribute your donations in Ukraine today, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will find the best option and help implement it in the shortest possible time.

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Publication date: 05/04/2022

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