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Cost of services

Cost of services:

starts at 10 000 UAH
Charity foundation
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What we offer

  • select the necessary charitable foundation (address, name, date of registration etc.), based on the needs of a client
  • carry out a re-registration of the foundation on a "turnkey" basis;
  • enter into the register of volunteer organizations if agreed with the Client separately;
  • reserve a charitable foundation for the Client for the time necessary to perform basic due diligence after the latter makes an advance payment;
  • advise on legal aspects of charitable activities in Ukraine.

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Documents and information required to purchase a charitable foundation

List of documents
Passport and identification numbers of new founders and head of the foundation
New name (in case of change)
New address (in case of change)

To re-register a charitable foundation, we need passport and identification numbers of new members and the head. It could be one person. He will be a new member and a head in one person.

When re-registering the foundation, the information about it: name, location, spheres of activities, etc. can be completely changed.

The difference in price between foundations is based on address at which it is registered, and the "age" of the foundation.

The procedure for re-registration of a charitable foundation can be carried out by our lawyers.

Why us

Re-registration within 1 day
If necessary, the foundation can be re-registered within 24 hours from the moment the parties sign the necessary documents.
Purchase on a “turnkey” basis
If you do not have an opportunity to re-register a charitable foundation on your own, our lawyers can provide legal support of the procedure within tight deadlines.
Enter the foundation into the register of volunteer organizations
Provided legal support of the procedure to include the foundation in the register of volunteer organizations in the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The status of a volunteer organization allows volunteers to be involved in their activities, issue volunteer certificates to them, insure the life and health of volunteers.
Charitable foundations do not have a history of activity
All foundations that we offer to purchase were originally registered for the purpose of their further sale. Therefore, they did not carry out activities, accounts did not open. The parameters guarantee for you the “clarity” of the acquired charitable foundation in front of public authorities.

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Our successful projects

Charitable organization in Kiev, Pechersk district
Form of organization: charitable organization
Type: charitable fund
Registration date: 12.2015
Place of registration: Kiev
Previous activities: none
Cost: 500 USD
Charitable organization in Kiev, Shevchenko district
Form of organization: charitable organization
Type: charitable fund
Registration date: 02.2018
Place of registration: Kiev
Previous activities: none
Cost: 400 USD

Answers to frequently asked questions

How does a re-registration of a charitable foundation take place?

The client makes an advance in the amount of 10% of value of the foundation, after which we reserve the foundation for the client for the time needed to resolve organizational issues, including verifications of the foundation. The final settlement takes place when signing the documents on the re-registration of the foundation. If the Client expresses his full readiness to purchase a specific foundation, payment can be made immediately. In this case, our lawyers can prepare documents for signing within the next half hour if necessary. Thus, all the necessary documents can be signed immediately on the day of the Client’s visit to our office. Information on the change of members (founders) and the head of the foundation is fully included in the Unified State Register after 1-2 working days, and the re-registration procedure is considered completed.

Is it possible to change a name and an address of the foundation in case of re-registering?

It is possible, however, we do not recommend to change the name, because it is indicated in the registration documents of the foundation, as well as on the certificate of non-profitability, which is obtained within 14 days. If the name is changed, the foundation will not be able to carry out activities directly until a new certificate on entering in the register of non-profit organizations is obtained.

In case of buying a charitable foundation, it is important to consider that a new register of non-profit organizations is functionated from July 1, 2017. Our charitable organizations, which are offered for sale, but were registered before this date, are already included in the register. For these reasons we registered changes to the charters of such charitable organizations and submitted an application to the territorial office of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Charitable Foundation is one of the types of charitable organizations, the most common of its kind. The founders of a charitable foundation can be both individuals and legal entities. The founder of a charitable foundation can be both citizens of Ukraine and foreigners.

We offer to buy a charitable foundation in Pecherskyi, Podilskyi, Shevchenkivskyi and other districts of the city of Kyiv. The foundations offered by us did not carry out activities.

In case of selling charitable foundations, our lawyers can ensure the registration of changes in the founders and management of the charitable foundation. The normal interval of transferring the charitable foundation to a new owner is 1-2 working days.

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