Buy a company licensed for financial leasing, factoring activities and the provision of funds in a loan, including on the terms of a financial loan

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Purchase (sale) of finance lease company in Ukraine
Purchase (sale) of finance lease company in Ukraine
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Buying a ready-made financial company is a good solution for those entrepreneurs who do not want to spend several months creating a company from scratch. 

The price of a ready-made financial company may seem higher than the cost of incorporation, but in fact it is a saving of your money in the sense that you can start operations in a few days without risking time and money in the complicated process of registering a finance company.

In 2020 - 2021, buying a ready-made financial company was the way out for those entrepreneurs who wanted a guaranteed start in the financial services industry. The licensing authority was changed, which caused a pause in the issuance of any financial licenses, and resulted in the need to adjust to updated licensing requirements.

However, in the process of searching for a ready-made financial company, entrepreneurs are standardly faced with a number of questions:

  • How to safely buy a company without risks?
  • How can you be sure that a ready-made company will have a “clean” business history and will not bring debts or lawsuits?
  • Is it possible to find a company that meets specific requirements?
  • How can I find a company with the desired Financial License?

For example, it is almost impossible to find a turnkey leasing company.

Our company offers you the best option - a ready-made company with three financial licenses: for financial leasing, factoring activities and lending funds, including financial credit, which hasn’t conducted any business activity since the establishment.

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Why consider a company with several financial licenses for financial activities?

The answer is simple - having a company with three financial licenses gives you two opportunities at once:

  • You can choose the license that suits your business activity and get stared at once;
  • You can develop not one, but two or three directions of providing financial services - at any convenient moment you will have the required licenses.

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What is the procedure for transferring a ready-made financial company with three licenses?

First of all, our specialist finds out what company the Client needs, what characteristics it should have (year of foundation, type of license, availability of VAT, etc.), and what kind of activity the Client is going to conduct. 

Depending on the Client’s wishes and needs we choose the best option out of the available companies and provide the basic information about it.

Important! We do not give the company code during the first conversation but only after an advance payment and thus reservation of the company for the Client. This is done for the security of the company and to avoid the risk of the code being shown on the Internet. We care about the purity of our companies.

If a company meets the Client’s needs, he makes an advance payment (5-10% of the value of the company - average 1000 - 2000 USD), and gets complete information, including the company code, license and tax information. The company is reserved for the Client, and we proceed to the company re-registration.

The procedure for company re-registration to the new owners consists of the following steps:

  • Signing an agreement for the sale of corporate rights in the company with our trusted partner notary and payment of the full amount of the financial company value;
  • Preparation of a new set of company's constituent documents and registration cards for the introduction of changes in the company's members;
  • The withdrawal of the old founders and the addition of new participants in the company;
  • Introduction of changes concerning the director of the company, as well as other information at the Client’s request - address, name, etc.;
  • Submission of the package of documents to the NBU for making changes in the information about the licensee - data about the new director and accountant, etc.

Please note! When buying a financial company, it is necessary to go through the procedure of approving the acquisition of a significant share in the company - the NBU issues a decision on consent to the acquisition of a significant share in the company by a new owner. For this purpose, new owners need to provide a package of documents, including those that confirm the sources of incoming funds, as well as the availability of funds to support the activities of the company in the amount of at least 20% of the share capital.

Our company, if a Client wishes, provides legal support for getting the approval of the NBU.

In addition, the state authorities must be provided with the information about the ultimate beneficial owners of the company.

When obtaining a license, our audited accountant and the head of the financial company, which fully complies with the requirements of the NBU, are indicated in the statements. Of course, when registering the company to the new owners, we will need to change the director and accountant.

In order to avoid potential problems with the licensing authority, we will check the compliance of your candidates with its requirements. Documents of the new director and accountant must be submitted to the NBU together with the registration card and information about all the changes related to re-registration of the company.

What do you get?

  • Consultation on the procedure of purchase of a ready financial company, the process of re-registration, the cost of the procedure;
  • Selection of a suitable company, based on the desired characteristics of the company that the Client would like to get;
  • Preliminary information, after making an advance payment, about all the company data for the possibility of its independent verification, if you want to carry out such an inspection;
  • Legal assistance with re-registration of the company and making all the necessary changes in its documents, including a new address, director, accountant, name, etc;
  • Ready-made financial company, the business direction of which you can choose independently, based on three financial licenses;
  • Advice on important aspects of financial institutions that you need to know about for a successful business start-up;
  • If necessary, assistance with setting up an accounting system and supervision by a lawyer for an agreed period of time.

Why our companies?

  • We personally register all companies, and are fully responsible for the result;
  • Our companies fully comply with NBU requirements;
  • Our companies conduct no business activity, and their reputation and history are completely “clean”;
  • Our companies have undergone all necessary audits;
  • We personally carry out the procedure of company re-registration.

The cost of buying a ready-made financial company with three licenses can be found here, or you can contact our experts. We will offer you the available companies and make a convenient algorithm for their transfer.

Do you want to get a ready-made financial company? We offer you the most convenient option - a company with three financial licenses. We will not only choose the best company for you, but also safely carry out its transfer.

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Publication date: 05/11/2021

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