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A Client approached us with a request to simultaneously purchase two companies with Gas Supply Licenses. The request was quite non-standard, although in our practice we have encountered situations where the presence of two or even three almost identical companies was beneficial for their owner. 

The “alternate” company is most often sought for the following purposes:

  • Solving business taxation issues. Often entrepreneurs, assuming a large flow of funds, prefer to “split” it into several companies. The same applies to those entrepreneurs who operate under the simplified taxation system and do not want to switch to the general system due to the amount of the company's income.

Please note! Such schemes may attract additional attention from the tax authorities. Therefore, before taking any actions, consult with a tax lawyer. Read more here.

  • Protecting their business. An “alternate” company is often the choice of those entrepreneurs who are afraid of raiding. It is also a good option for those who, for some reason, are afraid of passing business licensing inspections. Having an alternate company with the necessary license, you do not have to waste time on getting a new one and creating delays for your Customers.

  • Participation in tenders. For such purposes, applicants sometimes need a company “with a history”, i.e. registered 3-4 years before participation in a tender. This issue may become particularly acute if the entrepreneur wishes to work with state or municipal enterprises. In this case, it makes sense to buy a ready-made company that meets the requirements of the tender.

Please note! Don’t turn the purchase of a ready-made company into a lottery. You have to be sure of the company’s compliance and the security of the deal.

As for our Client, he was planning to take part in a tender for the supply of gas for state and municipal institutions. He was going to apply on behalf of both companies in order to increase his chances of winning the tender. Also, having several companies would have helped him properly organize his activities, given the large volume of fixed-price electricity purchases on fixed terms.

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How do I buy a ready-made company with a gas license to participate in a tender?

Winning a tender for providing services to public or municipal institutions means stable working conditions, and a stable price of gas or electricity supply, which in today’s conditions is a very profitable deal.

After analyzing the Client’s situation, we discussed with him the following aspects:

  • What is the best way to re-register two gas companies that will participate in the tender;

  • How to stay within the law and still be able to work with the volume of orders that were provided for in the tender;

  • What is the procedure for transferring ready gas companies, and how to ensure the safety of the Client purchasing the company.

Our company personally registers ready-made companies and obtains the appropriate licenses for them. Thus, we can guarantee for our Clients:

  • Compliance of a ready-made company — After registration and obtainment of the license, the companies do not carry out any economic activity, which means that the buyer will receive the company without any additional unpleasant surprises;

  • Speed of re-registration — all documents are kept in one place and fully prepared. By additional agreement, our lawyers personally conduct the re-registration procedure in 1-3 days, and make changes to the license;

  • Validity of the license — when we obtain a gas or electricity license, we guarantee its relevance. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon that an unscrupulous seller wants to get rid of a company that has failed to pass the licensing inspection. The buyer buys a cheaper company, and doesn’t know that the license may be suspended or even revoked during the next inspection of the licensing authority.

Given the fact that our Client needed companies within the shortest possible time, we offered him our two gas companies, including our re-registration services.

Please note! When making changes to the legal entity, which will occur during re-registration of a ready-made company, you must submit information about the ultimate beneficiary, including copies of the ultimate beneficial owner’s passport.

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The cost of buying a ready-made gas company with us depends on the following factors:

  • Do you need a company with a gas or electricity license only, or with both licenses? 

  • Do you need help with connection to Ukrenergo?

  • Do you need legal support for transferring the rights to the gas company?

You can find the price of our companies with Gas Licenses depending on the answers to the questions on our services page. Or you can contact our experts to prepare a personalized package of services and select a ready-made gas company from those available.

Are you looking for a ready-made company with a Gas or Electric License? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will both find a safe option for you, and provide legal support services for the entire company transfer process.

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The terms and procedure of buying a ready-made company with a Gas License here.

Publication date: 20/07/2021

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