Representative experience


The right of a public organization with the status of a legal person to obtain a security license. What kind of security activities can a NGO carry out? Formation of a municipal guard – do I need a license to protect public order?


In what case does the reconstruction of a house need permits? What permits need to be obtained for the reconstruction of a private house? Legal advice


If a doctor, having experience, wants to teach the profession of other doctors in his specialty. Can I teach without an educational license? Requirements for an educational institution of one educational specialization.


How realistic is it to obtain a residence permit for foreigners working in Ukraine and under what conditions such a right is granted. What do you need to employ a foreigner? What are the next steps to obtain a residence permit.


What is the difference between the legal and actual address of a public organization? How to rent a legal address safely. Legal advice.


How to quickly close a company without unnecessary worries. Methods and methods of liquidation of the old company. Purchase of a ready-made business with a license for security activities in Ukraine.


Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine and registration of a security company for a foreigner. About the peculiarities of registering a company that is going to engage in demining and searching for shells.


When is legal expertise needed? Legal support and competent legal expertise of the contract is the key to corporate and business security.


How to carry out veterinary activities during martial law, when a license is not issued? What do you need to submit an electronic declaration for veterinary activities?


The main aspects and procedures for the cancellation of a work permit for a foreign person. What procedure after the dismissal of a foreigner is obligatory for the employer and the foreigner?


When does the need to increase or decrease the boundaries of the park arise? Algorithm of actions when changing the area of the industrial park.


Is it possible for a foreigner to change work on the basis of a permit, having a residence permit? Does a visa give the right to work in Ukraine? Migration services and legal advice.