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Why choose Cyprus for relocation of business and IT companies? General procedure for registering a company on the island. Opening an account in a Cypriot bank.


Updated requirements for a residence permit for IT specialists in Ukraine. How to confirm your status as a highly qualified specialist to obtain a permit? Registration of immigration of an IT specialist and his family to Ukraine.


Important aspects of organizing medical examinations of personnel and their types. What are the requirements for medical institutions that plan to conduct medical examinations of workers? Obtaining a license to practice medicine


How to restore a residence permit if it was stolen or you lost it? Where can a foreigner apply in case of loss of a residence permit and where to seek help with the restoration of a certificate? Immigration lawyer advice


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How to legalize the circulation of funds on the card of a medical worker who works for himself and receives additional income? How to get a license for a psychiatrist? Requirements for obtaining a license for medical practice for a psychiatrist.


Legislative language requirements in the contract. When should a contract be concluded in Ukrainian, and in what cases in several languages? Translation of a contract and conclusion of a contract with a translator


What issues can be settled by a corporate agreement? Why is it necessary to conclude a corporate agreement and how does it help to avoid conflict situations? Lawyer's comments


How to prepare the correct Minutes of the Constituent Assembly for the registration of an NGO? What you need to pay attention to and what errors the Ministry of Justice will indicate in the protocol. Legal advice


Are there any particularities in obtaining a license to import goods containing ozone-depleting substances if they are intended for the military? The procedure for obtaining a license to import goods containing ozone-depleting substances, and why conclude an external economic contract. Lawyer comments.


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Is it possible to conclude trilateral and multilateral agreements? What contracts and in what variants are traditionally concluded with three or more parties. Comments of a lawyer on contract law.