Ensured successful completion of medical institution’s accreditation

In the mid-2016, the Client contacted our company for legal support and assistance in passing the accreditation of the health care facility, a diagnostic center. The Client inquired about the procedure, terms and the need for accreditation.

According to the regulations, health care facilities shall pass accreditation every three years, and those health care facilities that have just started their activity shall undergo the accreditation procedure not earlier than two years from the moment of the beginning of their activity. Accreditation is carried out both by the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and by local regional healthcare departments, depending on the form of ownership and subordination of the health care facility.

The accreditation of a health care facility consists of two stages: the submission of documents to the accreditation authority and the work of the experts at the facility. It’s worth noting that only health care facilities, i.e. only legal entities, are subject to accreditation.

Our Client belonged to the category of health care facilities that are subject to accreditation with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. At the initial stage, the specialists of our company amended the statute of the health care facility in accordance with the requirements of the law, properly executed the structure of the diagnostic center and the results of the analysis of the activity concerning the quality of health care services and the criteria of its evaluation.

Our lawyers also analyzed the documents confirming the right of the diagnostic center to use the premises, as well as their compliance with sanitary requirements. The Client leased the premises of communal ownership, the period of analysis coincided with the end of the term of lease agreements, and the extension of the agreements was still awaiting signature. The Client had also the conclusions of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of 

Ukraine issued for the premises, although at the time of the documents submission, this authority didn’t exist. It was replaced by the State Service of Ukraine on Food Safety and Consumer Protection. Our company’s lawyers held the necessary consultations with the accreditation authority and properly prepared a package of documents related to the rights of the health care facility to use the premises.

Having analyzed the remaining documents - reports of the forms No.17 and No.20, the Client’s license and other documents, we prepared an application for accreditation and submitted it to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

In the second half of 2016, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which was responsible for the accreditation of health care facilities, lost stability in its work, so that the experts began to work only at the end of the year, and the signed certificate on awarding the diagnostic center with the first category was obtained only in March of 2017.

Nevertheless, the Client highly appreciated the quality of our company’s services, as throughout the entire accreditation procedure he always received accurate and comprehensive information, and eventually achieved the desired results: with guarantees of successful completion of accreditation (the second category), the Client actually received the accreditation certificate of the first category.

You can find more information about our company’s services related to the accreditation of health care facilities on the relevant page.

Publication date: 03/03/2017

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