Marriage with a foreigner during the war: how to come to Ukraine for marriage from countries with a visa entry procedure

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Today, we’re receiving multiple requests seeking details on obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine and getting married to a foreigner in Ukraine during the war.

A citizen of Ukraine, who has been in a civil marriage with a citizen of Sweden for more than seven years, came to our company. The Client said that it is very inconvenient to constantly count the period of time during which one can live in Ukraine and limit the time of her husband’s stay in the country. In addition, they constantly need to prepare documents or obtain administrative services, which is much easier and faster to do with a residence permit and a registered place of residence in Ukraine.

Moreover, now during the war it becomes difficult even to somehow plan the time of her husband’s stay in the country, as problems may arise, for example, with entering the country.

Of course, in order to obtain a residence permit, a man would have to be married officially, because only such a marriage can be the basis for obtaining the permit.

Therefore, a few questions arise:

  • Is it possible today to marry a foreigner in Ukraine during the war?
  • How can a foreigner enter Ukraine during the war to get married if he needs a visa to enter?

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Entering Ukraine for marriage from Sweden or another visa country

The first stage of work with the Clients was arranging a visit of a foreigner from Sweden and an express marriage procedure in Ukraine.

It usually takes one month to register marriage with a foreigner in the civil registry office, but the procedure may be accelerated up to 1-3 days. Our specialists help with registration and filing of documents. In addition, we provide assistance in obtaining an apostille and concluding a marriage contract.

See more details about marriage to a foreigner in Ukraine here. As for military time, today, for example, no marriages between Ukrainians and citizens of Russia and Belarus can be registered, except for those who have residence permits in Ukraine (permanent or temporary residence permits). Also, not all territories have Migration Service units, and their check is mandatory when marrying a foreigner.

Our specialists prepared a package of documents for getting a D-type visa at the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Sweden. We prepared a package of documents and explained in details how to do it quickly and easily.

The visa processing terms are up to 30 business days, but it can be done urgently - up to 5 business days. Our Client’s husband entered Ukraine after getting a visa.

Also note that many countries, including Sweden, do not need a visa to enter Ukraine for 90 days, but you need a visa D-14 (family reunification) to register documents for the visa. You should also pay attention to the correct coding of the visa. This rule does not apply to such countries as Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Russia, Uzbekistan, and in some cases - Northern Macedonia.

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Obtaining a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine through marriage during the war

After a successful marriage, the next step is to prepare the documents for the residence permit and submit them directly to the migration service. Note that the documents must be submitted in person, due to the need to take biometric data (photos, fingerprints and signature).

Note: At the time of writing the AMF is not yet working, but it is expected to renew its operation any day, and we have all the necessary documents prepared.

A Temporary Residence Permit through marriage is issued for a period of up to one year. Then you must apply for extension no later than 15 business days prior to its end.

After obtaining the permit, a foreigner must register the place of residence in Ukraine within 30 days. If necessary, our specialists will help you to prepare the necessary documents and to handle this procedure.

The next stage will be entering the place of registration on the permit chip. It’s also a must.

Attention! If a foreigner fails to register his place of residence in time, he will face administrative liability in the form of a fine from UAH 1,700 to 5,100.

In addition, the host party (that is a person who has provided housing for a foreigner and did not take appropriate action to register him) may be held liable.

Our company’s specialists will support you at each stage, take all measures to ensure that the documents are prepared correctly and meet all requirements.

All these stages are standard and are already well worked out by lawyers. But, as practice shows, each case is unique, and extraordinary situations often occur.

But there’s nothing to worry about. Our specialists will find the best option for you.

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Publication date: 24/05/2022

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