What is the right way to introduce amendments to a medical practice license?

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The second service in our practice by reference frequency is the service of introduction of amendments to the already existing medical practice license. Very often, the Clients contact us after they have tried to introduce amendments without any professional help several times, but received a refusal from the Ministry of Healthcare.

Along with the standard “turn-key” formalization of introduction of changes to the medical license , there are cases when Clients want to get advice on the correct formalization of information in order to fill out papers and make the appropriate changes on their own. Our lawyers can help with this.

Today we’ll talk about processing changes to the medical practice license and mistakes that may come about in the process.

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The essence of the matter: refusal to introduce changes to the medical practice license

In August 2019, a Client retained our company to provide advice for the correct processing of information for amending the license for medical practice. Later, they wanted to introduce changes on their own.

The lawyer of our company review the documents that the Client processed and submitted to the Ministry of Health on their own to identify the mistakes made when filling out the paperwork.

The fact is that the Ministry of Health does not always point out all the mistakes that have been made in the paperwork. After all, only one mistake made when filling out the paperwork is sufficient enough for the licensing authority to rule on the refusal to make changes.

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What did we manage to find out?

So, one of the common mistakes that was made by the Client was filling out and submitting changes using invalid forms of documents.

Also, the Client incorrectly indicated the information regarding the sign, which should be have been put up at the place of performance of the medical practice. This mistake is rather common, because in the case of an emergency, the sign does not need to indicate the type of health care institution, but rather indicate the full name of the sole trader and the medical specialties in which they are going to  carry out medical practice.

The Client made changes that consisted in changing the address of a medical practice and expanding the list of specialties for which medical practice was carried out. And when making this type of change, it is necessary to take into account not only the compliance of the doctors’ degrees with qualification requirements, but also the square area of ??the new premises; and also to ensure compliance of the size of such premises with GSN (State Construction Standards of Ukraine) for the successful obtainment of the certificate of the State Sanitary Epidemiological Service of Ukraine and further the medical practice ense. In the case of the Client, there was a failure of the premises to be in line with the GSN areas, as indicated by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, when making changes, it is important to submit not only information with new data, but also a notification about the changes that need to be added to the current license for medical practice.

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Our assistance in processing changes to the Client’s medical license.

As a result of our work, the Client got:

  • a full understanding of all the mistakes that they needed to fix;

  • verbal instructions for the correct processing of paperwork;

  • services for amending the license for medical practice: after all, the very next day after the consultation, the Client announced that they wanted to entrust all the actions to introduce changes to our company, since they did not want to risk another failure.

Important! All changes must be made within one month from the date of their actual occurrence, and for the Client this term has already come to an end.

Years of experience allow us to resolve any issues related to changes to the licenses for medical services quickly and efficiently. Which was exactly what we did for the Client.

If you want to know how much a medical license costs in Ukraine and how long this kind of license is issued for, contact our specialists, using the feedback form or call us up! We are always happy to help!

Publication date: 30/09/2019

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