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Registration of non-governmental organization in Ukraine
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In the summer of 2020 we were contacted by two foreigners who wanted to establish a non-governmental organization (NGO) in Ukraine to carry out social and charitable activities to improve the quality of life in the villages of Ukraine.

Both of our Clients, one of whom was an American citizen and the other a Frenchman, wanted not just to register an NGO, but to run it in a big way while staying in Ukraine. Both of them needed a residence permit for this purpose.

We explained that the best option would be to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine by registering an NGO and getting a work permit for employment at the NGO. This option of obtaining a residence permit is absolutely legal and embodies both of the Client’s ideas: they get a ready-made NGO and the opportunity to live and work in Ukraine.

Legal advice on the NGO registration in Ukraine

The first stage in the process of implementing the Clients’ plan was the registration of an NGO in Ukraine.

The NGO registration with our lawyers normally involves only 4 simple steps:

  • Conducting a general meeting of founding members and registration of the Minutes on establishing a non-governmental organization. In our case, foreign persons acted as founders, who had to additionally obtain identification codes in Ukraine (they are required at the stage of registration), which we obtained in advance. At the meeting  our lawyer was temporarily appointed as the director of the NGO. We will explain the necessity of this step further;

  • Preparation of the documents package for the NGO registration - this stage includes the preparation and signing of the NGO Charter and collection of a package for submission to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

  • Submission of documents for the NGO registration - our lawyers check completeness and correctness of the documents and then personally submit them for state registration at the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine;

  • Obtaining the status of a non-profit organization - in order to obtain the status of non-governmental non-profit organization, an NGO must obtain the non-profit status. For this purpose, it must submit the appropriate application to the tax authorities of Ukraine. This stage takes about two weeks.

The registration procedure can be conducted in a week, but we can also offer an accelerated option (by prior agreement). 

The price of the NGO registration in Ukraine can be found on our service page. There you can choose the package of services that meets your needs.

Please note! When ordering our services we always advise our Clients on the subtle aspects of the procedure and its duration. 

In the case of our Clients we studied their situation at the introductory consultation and offered them the best option with the step by step guide.

In that case, the NGO registration was only the first step, followed by the procedure for obtaining a residence permit.

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Legal services for obtaining a residence permit through employment in an NGO in Ukraine

According to the rules, in order to get a residence permit in Ukraine, a foreigner needs a good reason. In our case, such a reason had to be a work permit for employment in an NGO. And both foreigners had to become directors of the organization.

Please note! When registering an NGO, a foreigner cannot be immediately appointed as a director, because a foreign citizen must first get a work permit, and only a fully established organization with an appointed director can apply for this document.

That is why at the time of the NGO establishment our lawyer is appointed as its director, who then passes this power to the Client (after the work permit is obtained).

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit through employment in a non-governmental organization is as follows:

  • Our lawyer-director, on behalf of the already established NGO, applies for a Work Permit for both foreigners;

  • After the Work Permit is issued, both foreigners can be officially employed in the NGO as directors;

  • After that, we prepare a package of documents for obtaining a residence permit, which is issued within 15 business days.

You can find the price of the services for obtaining a residence permit through employment in a non-governmental organization on our service page or by phone.

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As a result, our lawyers have provided the Clients with the following services:

  • Registration of an NGO in Ukraine with foreign founders;

  • Obtaining of work permit for foreigner for employment in the NGO in Ukraine;

  • Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine.

Our lawyers not only execute all documents, but also accompany Clients to state bodies, as well as organize all procedural moments, such as signing documents at the notary or translation of such documents.

Do you want to start a non-governmental organization in Ukraine? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will not only help you to start your business activity in Ukraine within the law, but also provide you with comprehensive legal support and services, including for obtaining a residence permit.

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Publication date: 10/02/2021

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