A client urgently needed a license for telecommunication services (Internet service provider in Ukraine). An issue was solved within 3 days

The Client wanted to know:

  • How to extend the Telecommunications Service License within the shortest possible time;
  • How to quickly obtain a new license in case of failure to extend the existing one.

Our lawyers explained to the Client that according to Part 1 of Article 49 of the Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications”, a licensee must submit an application requesting the renewal of the license to the licensing authority no later than four months before the license expires. Therefore, it is no longer possible to renew the license after it expires.

We also explained that the procedure for obtaining a new license lasts from one and a half to two months. The licensing authority processes the submitted documents within 30 days. Then it waits for the confirmation of the license fee payment from the State Treasury Service of Ukraine for about a week. And it takes a week to get the license signed by the management of the licensing authority.

Thus, in this case it was impossible to accelerate the process (if by the word “accelerate” we mean a week or two). Therefore, we offered the Client to buy a new company with a valid Telecommunications Services License. The re-registration procedure lasts no more than three business days. If necessary, we can accelerate the process up to two days. Therefore, the Client agreed to our offer. As he did not want to suspend his business activity for almost two months. 

The Client also wanted to know whether it was possible to change the company’s name so that it was similar to the previous one and associated with the brand. We answered that it was no problem to change the company’s name. But according to Part 3 of Article 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications”, the licensing authority shall issue a new (re-issued) license taking into account any changes (including a new company’s name) within ten business days following the registration of an application requesting the re-issue of a license. It shall be also noted that pursuant to Part 2 of Article 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On Telecommunications”, when submitting an application requesting the re-issue of a license, a business entity shall also file the license to be re-issued. So, it means that during the license re-issuance period, the licensee does not have the license. And if the licensee needs to present the license to potential customers or partners, he/she will temporarily be unable to do so. 

After the Client weighed all pros and cons, he decided to change the company’s name and re-issue the license. Since the fact remains that during the re-issuance procedure the license is not suspended. Our specialists handled all formalities within the timeframe agreed with the Client.

If you are interested in buying a company with a Telecommunications Services License, please contact our specialists.

Publication date: 19/03/2019

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