When, for whom and for how long can stay in Ukraine be extended?

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Foreigners often encounter a problem when their period of stay in Ukraine expires or has already expired, but there is a need to stay in the country. Exactly for such situations there is the procedure for extending the period of stay.

In our article we will tell you about the terms of stay in Ukraine, including if the period of stay has already been violated.

Please note! The sooner you apply for assistance in extending your legal stay in Ukraine, the more chances you have to obtain such an extension. Often we encounter situations when we have to leave Ukraine and stay out of its territories for a long time in order to be able to re-enter the country and start from the beginning.

What can be the grounds for extending the period of stay in Ukraine?

Let’s define the main points, namely what is needed to extend the terms of stay in Ukraine:

  • the ground for the extension;
  • the host party;
  • housing.

What is the extension procedure? Let's look at each of these points separately.

The grounds for an extension may be as follows:

  • Treatment in Ukraine. This fact must be confirmed with an appropriate doctor’s certificate, and the treatment may not necessarily take place in an inpatient facility. Pay attention to the diagnosis, because it is logical, if you have a disease that does not prevent free movement (for example, rhinitis, psoriasis) or a chronic disease with which you have already come to Ukraine (diabetes), it will not work;
  • Taking care of a sick family member. As well as in the previous case you need a certificate from the doctor with an appropriate diagnosis. Family members, in this case - aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, and other distant relatives are not included;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth. Documentation: doctor’s certificate and preferably a diagnosis with a recommendation to restrict movement;
  • Registration of inheritance. This fact must be confirmed by a document from the notary;
  • Submission of documents for permanent residence or citizenship. There is no need to confirm this fact, as the Migration Service has all the necessary information;
  • Performance of duties by a foreign representative of mass media. It is necessary to confirm one’s position in the foreign media and provide a supporting document from the media;
  • Other similar situations. For example, when all documents for legalization are gathered (citizenship, permanent residence permit, etc.), but you did not have time to submit them, or it is necessary to prepare documents for legalization of a child, etc;
  • In the case of transit passage: repair of transport, illness, natural disaster, etc.

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Who can be a host?

In order to extend one’s stay in the country, the host party must confirm the availability of sufficient financial support to cover all costs related to the stay and departure of a foreigner, as well as in the case of lack of its own accommodation, provide it for the foreigner’s residence.

The host party may be any person, either a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner who has documents for residence in Ukraine. It can also be any legal entity registered in Ukraine.

Thus, during the procedure of legalization of a foreigner’s stay in Ukraine we often start it with an invitation letter for such a foreigner from a legal entity. It gives additional guarantees for entry and a visa.

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What documents do you need to submit in order to extend your stay in Ukraine?

The following documents must be submitted to the migration service:

  • foreigner’s passport;
  • documents confirming the ground for the extension (listed above);
  • documents of the host party;
  • housing documents.

If the terms of stay in Ukraine are not violated, you should apply for this service not earlier than 10 business days and not later than 3 before the end of the term of stay in Ukraine.

In case of violation of the term of stay, firstly, an administrative report will be drawn up for a foreigner (a fine from UAH 1,700 to UAH 5,100) and secondly, a report may be drawn up for a host party (a fine from UAH 340 to UAH 680 for an individual and from UAH 1,700 to UAH 5,100 for a legal entity).

Our lawyers will help you to prepare all the necessary documents so that you can avoid compulsory departure from Ukraine and the prohibition to enter Ukraine.

Please note! The period of stay may be extended up to 90 days, but in the case of an application for immigration it may be extended up to 180 days.

In every case this period is determined individually (for example, in case of illness, the period may be up to 30 days).

Please note, if the period of stay ended during the quarantine period, and the foreigner has confirmation that it is because of quarantine restrictions, no penalties apply.

But this is just the time when you can prepare for the extension of stay, and have all the documents gathered by the time martial law ends.

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Publication date: 26/05/2022

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