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At the beginning of April 2019, our company was contacted by a Client from the city of Kyiv, who wanted to start business activities in the electricity market of Ukraine related to the supply of electricity to the consumer in the shortest possible time. At that time, the Client did not even have a registered company

In addition, the Client had a number of issues, which we successfully addressed in the process of our cooperation.

We have provided the Client with the answers to the following questions:

  • Is it possible to supply electricity to consumers while the license is being obtained?

Answer: The licensee is actually prohibited from supplying electricity while obtaining the Electricity Supply License. Since this type of economic activity is subject to licensing, you can start supplying electricity only after the license is obtained.

  • What is the shortest possible period of obtaining the Electricity Supply License?

Answer: The shortest period of obtaining the license is 10 business days following the submission of documents to the licensing authority. However, thanks to the long experience in this area, our lawyers have developed a template package of documents, which allows us to obtain the license faster.

  • What is required to obtain the specified license?

Answer: In order to obtain the license, the Client shall first of all provide:

? a package of documents, established under legislation;

? information about the office where the licensed activities are to be carried out;

? information on the work pattern;

? company contact information;

? information about the availability of a website that will meet the licensing requirements.

  • Are there any additional requirements for purchasing electricity at wholesale other than having a license?

Answer: Yes, in order to buy electricity at wholesale, you must register your company as a wholesale electricity market participant. This allows you to buy electricity from Energorynok, SE at wholesale.

  • Can we ensure the wholesale electricity market entry for the company within one calendar month?

Answer: We can guarantee meeting the tight deadlines. We drew the Client’s attention to the fact that the terms of obtaining the license and registering as a wholesale electricity market participant depend on the time he signs and hands over all the necessary documents to us.

The Client decided to use our company’s services and take advantage of our legal support, so that his company could enter the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine as a supplier of electricity to the consumer.

Our lawyers carried out the Client’s order in the following stages:

  1. They registered the Client’s company and obtained the VAT payer status for it. (3 business days).
  2. They prepared a complete package of documents required  to obtain the license (1 business day). And just as important, our specialists fully developed the website for the Client in compliance with the licensing requirements.
  3. They submitted a package of documents to the licensing authority. After the licensing authority has made a positive decision to grant the license to the Client’s company, our specialists received a copy of the resolution to issue the Electricity Supply License (it took us only 7 business days out of possible 10 days).
  4. We prepared a package of documents required for the company to become a participant of the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine and submitted them to Energorynok, SE (2 business days);
  5. Having obtined the positive decision of Energorynok, SE, we agreed on the time and place with the Client to sign the Agreement for Accession to the Wholesale Electricity Market. Our specialists also consulted the Client on the procedure of signing agreements between the Client’s company and Energorynok, SE (7 business days)

The result that the Client received from cooperation with our company:

As a result of our services, the Client signed the Agreement for Accession to the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine on 25.04.2019 and thus he has been able to quite legally and without problems buy electricity at wholesale and supply electricity to consumers since May 1, 2019, tht was his primary objective when contacting our company. The Client also received:

  • additional service for registering a legal entity;
  • additional service for website development;
  • a simplified and expedited licensing procedure;
  • a fully prepared package of documents with no need to personally communicate with the representatives of the state authorities.

This case perfectly demonstrates the role of experienced lawyers in prompt addressing of any issues related to the licensing of energy-related activities or fast company’s entry into the Wholesale Electricity Market of Ukraine.

Publication date: 17/05/2019

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