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When exporting, as well as in other modes of goods movement, it is necessary to prepare a customs declaration. Drawing up of the customs declaration of export should precede the crossing of the customs border - when you submit the declaration, the car with the goods does not go to the zone. But in case the risk is triggered (the car will be sent to the zone), you must bring it to customs and show it to the inspector.

The export declaration procedure time 

From the date of drawing up of the export customs declaration to the moment of crossing the border, the goods must pass not more than 10 calendar days.

The timing of the export declaration development depends on the number of items in the invoice. It can take 1-2 hours, or even two working days, if, for example, the declaration includes 50 or more customs codes.

It should be noted that export declarations are drawn up much faster and easier than import declarations, as there are usually no export duties and, accordingly, the inspector does not need to check much, as nothing affects the amount of customs payments - there are no payments at all.

However, this does not mean that the responsibility for executing the export declaration is less or requires less attention - at the border, all the mistakes that were made during the declaration of goods will pop out.

How to submit a goods export declaration?

The declaration for the export of goods can be filed electronically today. For this purpose, a specialist uses a program to fill in the appropriate fields and enter data.

The declaration is sent to the customs authority, where an inspector examines it. The standard turnaround time is 4 hours, but if additional questions arise at customs, this process may take a little longer. In this case, our specialist answers the questions raised by the customs inspector.

Note: When completing the declaration, it is necessary to enter information on whether the exporter is a VAT payer - this is necessary for processing the VAT credit when exporting goods.

The most frequent mistakes in drawing up the export customs declaration

The most common errors pop up in the price, weight, quantity of goods or packaging, and the name of the point of transfer. If the inspector finds mistakes in the export declaration, there is a high probability that the car with the goods will again go to the loading point with a new declaration. Since all such movements with cargo cost time and money, it is better to avoid them.

What documents other than the export declaration are needed?

When crossing the border, you also need to have an invoice, a packing list, a DPR, and a certificate of origin.

To declare in either direction (import or export), you need to have everything that confirms the agreements between the parties on payment, insurance, delivery, etc.

Our experts, as part of the service of supporting the export of goods, help with the development of packages of documents for all stages of export.

What happens to the goods after the customs declaration for export is filed?

Once the declaration is submitted, it is processed - that is, the inspector examines it, and either the goods will be processed (declared), then it has 10 days to cross the border at the specified checkpoint, or you will receive a refusal to process the declaration.

Also, once the export customs declaration has been processed, the customs may issue a Euro 1 certificate of origin if there are documents confirming the origin of the goods.

What can affect the passing of the customs border with export goods?

For example, the license plate number indicated in the customs declaration, the passport data of the driver, as well as the capacity of the car: if the car is loaded with more goods than it can carry according to the technical passport, the car will be returned to Ukraine.

Many inconsistencies may affect the inspector's decision to let your goods through the border: lack of reservation as of the day of crossing the border, inconsistency of goods with accompanying documents, the wrong packing list specified in the declaration, etc..

What to do if you are denied an export declaration?

The export declaration is filed electronically. If the declaration did not pass at the time of submission - it means there is a technical error, which can be corrected and the declaration can be submitted again.

If the declaration passed in the program, but the inspector did not issue it, the broker will be sent a rejection card, which will specify the reason for rejection. You will need to correct the reason and submit the declaration along with the denial card.

How do we help with exporting goods from Ukraine?

Drawing up the export customs declaration is only one step in the process of exporting goods from Ukraine. We provide comprehensive services to fully support the entire process, from drafting contracts for the export of goods to customs clearance, or the resolution of problems that arise during the transportation of exported goods.

So, for passing through customs we prepare the necessary documents, depending on the type and kind of goods: declaration of export, Euro 1 certificate, phytosanitary certificate, etc.

If you want to obtain all services for the legal processing of export in one place, don't hesitate to contact us.

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Publication date: 02/09/2022

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