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All goods entering the customs territory of Ukraine require customs clearance. It is carried out through the execution of the customs declaration in accordance with the customs regime, type of the procedure, and payment of necessary customs duties.

The submission of the customs declaration is performed through the respective program, which allows generating, filling in and sending customs declaration in the required form.

Types of customs declarations for the importation of goods

There can be many types of customs declarations, depending on the characteristics of the transactions and their classification. For example, depending on:

  • the subject (natural person, legal entity);
  • the method of shipment (parcel or truck);
  • the place where the goods are located and the preliminary customs regime (from the customs warehouse, temporary storage warehouse, on wheels);
  • whether the goods went to the laboratory (additional declaration to the previous declaration or additional to the provisional declaration).

There are also such concepts as “preliminary” customs declaration, when the subject pre-declares the arrived goods and their point of destination for customs clearance. It must be supplemented by the usual declaration at customs.

There are many declarations, and the need for a declaration is determined depending on the type of goods transportation and risk factors.

What does the customs declaration for import of goods to Ukraine look like?

Import declaration contains 54 columns, which require correct filling out in accordance with the approved Procedure, the chosen procedure, and the border crossing procedure.

The person who has put in an electronic signature (broker) is responsible for the drawing up of the declaration, as well as for the correctness of the data entered. In the case of discrepancies, the customs has the right to confiscate the goods from the broker, despite the fact that it does not belong to it.

The person responsible for customs clearance of the goods in Ukraine is defined by the terms of delivery.

Today, in Ukraine customs declaration for import of goods shall be submitted in the electronic form. To submit it, the person who fills in the declaration must have the appropriate license for brokerage activity and software.

Our company provides services for preparing declarations for import to Ukraine. In addition, we help our clients not only to pass customs with the goods, but also to solve any legal problems arising in the process of importing goods to Ukraine.

The period for preparation of customs declarations

After submitting the preliminary declaration, one has 10 (calendar) days to submit the goods for declaration. The parcel is given 10 days (business days) after deregistration.

The declaration is reviewed within 4 business hours, provided that the declaration is not sent “on request”. The request can hang for up to 10 business days.

As for the timing of the declaration registration by the specialist – it may differ depending on the complexity and type of the declaration. So, the work of a specialist can take from 2 hours to 1-2 business days if we are talking about a complex project, such as the declaration of a complete object, where you want to specify each piece of equipment.

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Errors in filling out the declaration for the import of goods to Ukraine

As long as the declaration contains errors and inaccuracies – the declaration will not be executed. Even if the inspector does not see the error and draws up the goods – one of the available controls will see it sooner or later, which will lead to the need to write an application for a sheet of corrections and complete customs clearance without errors.

Responsibility for errors in the declaration is defined by the Customs Code. It depends on the level of error: for example, one can make a mistake in the code or in the value – such mistakes affect the amount of customs duties.

A common penalty is the confiscation of goods with the simultaneous imposition of a fine in the amount of the value of the goods.

There are also mistakes that have no significant effect on anything, such as errors in the vehicle number, number or date of the attached document, but the customs has the right to apply liability to the declarant for errors in the customs declaration in such a case.

Customs declaration and VAT

If the client is a VAT payer, it is necessary to correctly fill in the box for payments so that the tax office can see this customs declaration, otherwise it will be necessary to correct the customs declaration.

What documents do you need in addition to the import declaration?

The declaration must be accompanied by all the shipping documents available for the goods, which must correspond to reality and have no discrepancies. The inspector will check not only the customs declaration, but also the shipping documents submitted with it.

However, the customs declaration is not the final stage of importing into Ukraine. After executing the declaration, one must understand whether a final or a temporary declaration has been filed. The goods may be transferred to the laboratory and you need to wait for the results of the examination to submit an additional customs declaration. In addition, the currency transaction for the transfer of funds must be removed from the control of the bank, which monitors all transactions performed, including in FEA. Therefore, everything that concerns the bank must be specified clearly and correctly: the counterparty, the contract, the price, numbers and dates of documents, so that in the future you do not have to correct the declaration.

In addition, within three years from the date of the customs declaration, it can be checked by the customs during the post-audit of the company.

What happens to the customs declaration after it is signed?

So, you submit the declaration and are responsible for everything declared in it. The declaration is checked by an inspector or bot (depending on the declaration), and you receive the declaration in the mail with a number assigned to it.

At this point, the relevant stage, that is, the declaration of goods, is complete. Conditionally, the car with the goods has the right to pass the border on this declaration. All confirmations of the value, all customs payments shall be made before the end of the customs declaration. So if you have submitted the declaration, but the money has not been transferred to the account, you will get a rejection card because of the lack of funds.

How do we help with the customs declaration?

Our company provides comprehensive services for importing goods to Ukraine. Our services include the execution of the declaration. While performing this assignment, we:

  • Obtain all information about the product and its delivery conditions and check the available documents;
  • In case of comments on the documents, we provide recommendations for their elimination. If necessary, we inspect the goods so that there are no problems at customs;
  • Handle all customs formalities, submit the declaration electronically;
  • Wait for the results of the post-audit for our client.

The declaration is only a small part of the complicated process of importing goods into Ukraine. We can make this process easier for you.

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Publication date: 31/08/2022

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