How do I get a license for a school nursing room?

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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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Who’s the Client? 

  • Secondary school (specialized school) located in the Dnepropetrovsk region;
  • Project period: December 2018 - January 2019.

How did the Client define the task? What solution did we suggest and why? 

Since the school already had two medical workers, the main task was to legalize their activities in accordance with the licensing regulations in the field of medical practice. In the past, the activity of the doctor’s office in schools was not fully regulated, and it could be licensed only by:

  • Renting out premises to a privately practicing doctor, who has the appropriate education (this option was rarely implemented, as it was very costly for a doctor, who usually did not benefit from it);
  • Conclusion of agreements with medical and outpatient institutions (such institutions did not always agree to provide healthcare services at the educational institution’s address);
  • Opening of a health care facility (this option best responded to the real needs of educational institutions, but due to the fact that such facilities shall have a chief physician (director) and medical staff, it has been almost never implemented in practice).

In 2016, the problem related to functioning of doctor’s offices at educational institutions was resolved due to the introduction of the concept of “opening a doctor’s office without the establishment of a healthcare facility”. This form of health care services organization made it possible to license the activities of medical staff, including certain junior medical staff, at schools, colleges, universities, etc. That was the option we offered to the Client.

The activities of the following medical staff had to be licensed:

  • Pediatric physician;
  • Nurse;
  • Vaccination room for students.

What were the challenges in implementing the solution? 

Since it was necessary to obtain a license for the vaccination room, we had to take into account not only the requirements of the licensing regulations, but also the provisions of other laws and regulations, for example:

  • area shall be not less than 10 sq.m.;
  • Rooms of functional purpose shall be separated from rooms for medical procedures;
  • Premises shall meet special requirements for water supply, ventilation, etc.;
  • It was recommended to have 2 separate rooms, subject to tuberculosis diagnosis being performed;
  • Medical staff has to undergo specialized training.
In addition, since the Client intended to open not just a nurse’s office, but also a pediatrician’s office and a vaccination room, it was necessary to ensure the availability of a much wider range of equipment, in accordance with the relevant job descriptions, than the school had. Some items provided for in the equipment tables were also subject to metrological verification (calibration of measuring instruments).

Lawyer’s train of ideas and approach to implementing the solution

We prioritized the steps for obtaining a medical license on the basis of the analysis of the documents provided by the Client and the time required for a certain action.

Thus, since the vaccination room should be separated and meet a number of sanitary standards, the Client, first of all, had to find the necessary room and bring it into compliance with all the requirements on the basis of our recommendations.

At the same time, additional equipment has been procured and the equipment subject to calibration have been verified.

Such organization of work allowed us to reach the stage of obtaining the public health certificate, when the premises were fully compliant with all the requirements for the premises finishing and equipment. And this, in turn, made the process of obtaining the certificate of the State Service of Ukraine in Food Safety and Consumer Protection as easy and fast as possible.

When the certificate was ready, the package of documents was almost prepared for the submission to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and having finalised it taking into account this certificate, our lawyers promptly submitted the documents to the licensing commission.

We received a positive decision in 3 weeks upon the submission of the documents.

How did the Client benefit from our cooperation? Why wouldn’t the Client reach such results without our assistance?

  • The right approach to prioritizing steps for obtaining the license (from more time-consuming to less time-consuming, from more pressing to less pressing), which allowed us to obtain the license in the shortest possible time;
  • Understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of licensing of doctor’s offices at schools, which helped to avoid unforeseen situations in the process of obtaining permits (for example, the lack of understanding of the criteria for vaccination rooms could have resulted in the need to obtain a new public health certificate);
  • Location of our firm in close proximity to the licensing authority, which allowed us to promptly submit documents, obtain the necessary information, and consult with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Who should use our services? In what case?

  • Directors (other managers) of educational institutions of all levels;
  • Departments of Humanitarian Policy, Education and other budget institutions;
  • Education/health care philanthropists, parents’ committees, etc.

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Publication date: 05/04/2019

We are ready to help you!

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