Experience in obtainment of the precursors license in June, 2018

In June, 2018, a Client contacted our firm. They were planning to engage in trading of drug precursors, including their import into Ukraine and export outside of Ukraine. The Client was aware that they needed a license for performing such activities. Our firm did not only receive the license for this Client but also consulted them regarding the main requirements of Ukrainian law. However, they were also interested in a number of issues, in particular:

  • Is it necessary to obtain a permit from the National Police to use the premises, in the case when the use and storage of precursors will not be carried out, but only the purchase and sale?
  • Do they  need to get a separate license to import and export precursors?

Based on our many years of experience in this area and the analysis of legislation, incl. licensing conditions for the implementation of economic activity on the distribution of narcotic drugs and precursors, during the consultation we informed the Client about the following:

  • although the aforementioned licensing  conditions for obtaining a license provide for the submission of documents for obtaining permission from the National Police to use facilities and premises that are intended for the circulation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, paragraph 2 of these licensing conditions stipulates that if the licensee engages in activities that are subject to licensing, not in full, but in part, then these licensing  conditions apply to the licensee only in that part , which establishes the requirements for the implementation of this part of economic activity. That is, if the licensee is engaged only in the purchase and sale of precursors, only documents that provide them with the right to engage in this activity are required from them. And if they do not plan to use and store, they do not have to have a room and, accordingly, the respective permit of the National Police for them;
  • in the case of import and export of precursors, such activity does not fall under licensing in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Foreign Economic Activity”. At the same time, it is covered by the licensing conditions of the activities for the distribution of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors. Thus, for the purchase, sale, import and export of precursors abroad, it is sufficient to obtain a single license.

Having received the explanations of our lawyers and understanding what they needed, the Client continued to cooperate with our company and ordered a license to carry out activities with precursors, which our lawyers obtained with the shortest possible time.

Legal support in obtaining a license to trade in precursors is primarily to save your time and money, because given the experience of specialists who have received more than a dozen such licenses, this procedure will be completed for you with the shortest possible time, and you will not have to run a risk of receiving refusals from the licensing authority in connection with their remarks.

If you are interested in obtaining a license to carry out activities with narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors, you can get in touch with our lawyers for more details.

Publication date: 19/07/2018

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