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The procedure of importing the imported products into the customs territory is not only passing through customs. To import goods you will have to go through a certain number of stages, including:

  • conclusion of a Sale of Goods Agreement;
  • preparation of the documents needed for the export of goods;
  • solving logistics and transportation issues;
  • obtaining the necessary permits for the carrier and ensuring the correctness of its border crossing;
  • ensuring adequate customs clearance without negative consequences, but with optimized taxes and without unnecessary payments.

Any entrepreneur understands that the complexity of organizing the import of goods is not limited to the duration or multi-step procedure. The key challenge is its individual aspects.

For example, you must clearly know the actual norms that the documents for the goods must comply with - and they are, unfortunately, quite specific, constantly changing and have peculiarities depending on the categories of goods.

Difficulties may arise if you have no agreement with the driver and because of the impossibility of controlling the passage of the latter through the borders.

Many encounter challenges when searching for a broker, who will not mislead and will register the goods on time and according to the correct customs rates.

And in general, the main problem is that different people are responsible for each stage that the goods pass through. They usually absolve themselves of any responsibility and shift the blame to each other.

Why is it a problem?

Going through all these procedures delays the receipt of the goods and considerably increases their cost. In some cases the goods can be confiscated due to the broker’s mistake, and the Client will be forced to sue the state and the broker for years to get back the goods or their value at the time of confiscation.

Moreover, it is not new for our company to be addressed when a shipment is damaged or its location cannot be detected, no one takes responsibility, so we have to do our best to make sure that the Client gets its goods.

The process of returning the goods can be long and expensive. And the Client has to move from customs legislation to the criminal law to prove the fraud committed against him.

For example, we had a Client whose goods had been confiscated due to a customs broker’s fault. Our acquaintances advised us not to go to trial lawyers to save money. So we got the case at a stage when the first instance had already been lost by the Client.

The essence of the case was that the broker classified the goods under a code that did not correspond to reality, but provided for 10% duty. The broker assured the Client that the goods would be cleared without any problems – the higher the duty rate, the easier it was to clear. Unfortunately, this was true. However, after the customs inspection, it was determined that the goods had to be classified under a different code, providing zero duty.

And further, despite the fact that the actions of the broker did not lead to an unlawful reduction of customs duties, but even on the contrary, the customs office decided to confiscate the goods worth UAH 200,000, and the broker was fined in the amount of the value of the goods.

The court of the first instance considered the decision of the customs legally valid and justified. Therefore, we had to prove in the appeal instance not only the illogical nature of the customs actions, but to state our position with substantial proofs and substantiations.

We proved that the broker’s actions did not lead to unlawful evasion of customs duties, but on the contrary, and that there was no damage to the state (which is a prerequisite for confiscation of goods). At the same time, we did not appeal against the customs’ decisions to change the product code, which allowed the Client to recover 10% of the overpaid value of the goods.

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What kind of protection and assistance do we offer?

In order to prevent such unpleasant and undesirable situations for our Clients, we provide comprehensive customs cargo support services.

This option is convenient for the Client because we:

  • Conclude an agreement and have an obligation to the Client to deliver already cleared cargo at the lowest rates of duty set by the legislation.
  • Review the content of the documents for the goods and make the necessary adjustments for the border crossing of the goods.
  • Undertake to conclude contracts in the interest of the Client with carriers and brokers at market prices.
  • Independently search for the necessary vehicle that meets the standards and regulations for the transport of a particular type of cargo in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Pass all controls and checks on behalf of the Client, without its participation.
  • Monitor the market prices for transportation and brokerage services, as well as check the rates of customs duties before they are paid.

How do we do it?

  • After the Client informs us of its intention to purchase goods from a particular counterparty, we analyze the contract, the proforma, and the invoice.
  • If necessary, we prepare in advance the necessary import licenses or an opinion on the extension of the terms of settlement.
  • We check and approve shipping documents prior to shipment.
  • We also conclude a contract in the name and in the interest of the Client with the carrier at market prices, taking into account all shipping and logistical aspects.
  • On our behalf, the broker submits the preliminary customs declaration for the border crossing, and we supervise that the driver provides proper documents at the border.
  • The car then proceeds to the customs control area for customs clearance, the process is supervised by our broker.
  • Our merchandisers check that the customs code is defined correctly and that the customs payments are calculated correctly.
  • After passing all these stages, without the involvement of the Client, the latter just receives the goods completely cleared through customs.

We will not disappear anywhere, our employee will always be in touch with the Client, providing information about the goods import stage and location. As a result, you get the goods efficiently cleared in Ukraine

Working with us is simple, convenient and safe, because you do not waste your time looking for appropriate specialists, you do not need to constantly monitor them, because we will do it for you.

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Publication date: 26/04/2022

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