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In this article we will consider the issues of foreign doctors’ activity in Ukraine in terms of starting their own medical business in the country.

It should be noted at once that the formal procedure of “admission” of a foreign doctor to medical practice in Ukraine is a lengthy multistage procedure.

An exception to this rule are doctors who wish to take part in providing medical assistance during the war, i.e. non-business activity. For this you need to apply directly to the Ministry of Health, which has created a special project for foreign doctors.

If we consider the purely business option, however, there are no exceptions or simplified procedures.

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Algorithm of opening a doctor’s office by a foreign doctor in Ukraine

Consequently, if a foreigner wants to work as a doctor in his/her own or jointly established healthcare institution, he/she must undergo the following procedures:

1.       Setting up a business and obtaining a license.

2.       Legalization of stay in Ukraine.

3.       Nostrification of a diploma.

4.       Admission to medical activity in Ukraine.

A business may be set up in the form of a legal entity (Limited Liability Company), or in the form of registration as an individual entrepreneur.

Obtaining the license during martial law is a must – according to the latest changes in legislation, medical practice can be carried out only on the basis of a license of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Legalization of stay in Ukraine involves obtaining two documents:

  • Temporary Residence Permits for foreigners in Ukraine. The validity period of the permit is one year, it must be extended every year.
  • A Work Permit, that is a document certifying the legality of the grounds for employment of a foreigner. It should be noted that this permit is not required if a foreigner is registered as a sole proprietor, but in this case a foreigner must obtain a Temporary Residence Permit before registration.

Nostrification of a diploma is essentially recognition of the level of foreigner’s education by the state. This procedure is carried out by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. The result is the issuance of a certificate, which gives the right to carry out professional activities on the basis of a diploma issued by a foreign educational institution.

Nostrification is not required for educational documents issued by the countries of the former Soviet Union, they are recognized on the basis of the Agreement on Cooperation in the field of education, ratified by Ukraine in 1992, which is currently in effect. However, today documents of citizens of Russia or the Republic of Belarus remain in question.

Admission to medical practice in Ukraine is conducted by the Ministry of Health. The admission procedure involves checking the qualification of a foreigner and his/her medical work experience for compliance with requirements of Ukrainian legislation.

In some cases at this stage the Ministry of Health has the right to require the foreigner to undergo an internship, specialization courses or thematic improvement.

Please note! The nostrification procedure takes up to 60 days, admission to medical activity can also take a similar period of time. But your medical business can be launched without waiting for the completion of procedures related to diploma confirmation and admission to medical activity – at the first stage it is enough to set up a company and hire domestic specialists.

We will tell you how to do it correctly, proceeding from your vision of business development in Ukraine, the nuances of your situation and desirable terms. All additional services such as obtaining a work permit for a foreigner or a residence permit can also be obtained from us.

We will help you with analysis of the premises for the future medical center, we will accompany you through all the formalities, from renting premises and nostrification of a diploma to opening of the institution, and we will consult you on any issues related to the medical activity.

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Publication date: 22/08/2022

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