We got a license for handling the precursors for a government laboratory whose drug test certificate was about to expire

In mid-March 2019, we were approached by a state laboratory whose core business was food testing and which needed a license to handle precursors to carry out its activities.

The Client was interested in the following questions:

  • what documents are required from him for getting that license
  • how soon one can get a license;
  • what to do if some documents are about to expire.

During the consultation, our employees provided the Client with a list of documents required to obtain a license, and explained that the licensing authority has the right to review the documents and decide on the issuance of a license within ten business days (i.e. two weeks) from the moment the documents have been submitted. The issue of the validity period of any particular document and how much it is suitable for obtaining a license must be considered individually. Therefore, we asked the Client to provide us with copies of documents that they have reservations about.

It turned out that it was a question of certificates for passing a narcological examination of some employees. The validity period of the certificates was expiring in a week and a half.

As a general rule, if at the time of consideration of documents by the licensing commission the drug certificates are valid, then the licensing commission has no reason to leave the application without consideration or refuse to issue a license. This meant that documents had to be submitted as soon as possible.

However, there was one more question: when exactly will the licensing commission take place and will the documents of the Client be submitted for consideration? In the event that a meeting is not planned in the near future, it would be inappropriate to spend time on excess filing of documents. It would be necessary immediately to get new certificates. However, the Client requested to avoid repeating this procedure.

Also, this situation did allow for an error in the preparation of the package of documents, because if there are remarks made on it, the Client will spend time and will face the need to obtain new certificates. This is probably the worst case scenario.

Realizing what his/her risks were, the Client entered into a legal services agreement with us and asked for a license as soon as possible. Our lawyers, realizing their responsibility, relying on vast experience in obtaining licenses for the operations with precursors, prepared and submitted documents to the licensing authority within a very short time . And as early as the fourth day after the submission, a decision was received to issue a license for our Client.

Most existing licenses can be obtained through one’s own effort, but there are complex cases when, to get the desired result, you must have the appropriate experience and practice. Engage a professional team if you see that it is not just about the proper preparation of documents and avoidance of simple mistakes!

Publication date: 07/05/2019

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