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Our lawyers obtained a license for operations with precursor chemicals

In April of 2019 our firm was retained by a Client (a large well known enterprise in the field of tinned goods manufacturing). In order to expand its activities and production the Client needed a license for operations with precursor chemicals.

The Client expressed a desire to obtain a license as soon as possible; asked what was required of him/her to use precursors in his/her activities, and also emphasized that his/her company's management had a very busy and pre-planned schedule, which could affect the time for approval and signing of documents.

During the consultation, our lawyers explained to the Client that:

  • substances that he/she needs for the manufacture of canned food products are included in list 2 of table 4 of the List of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and precursors;
  • he/she must obtain permission from the National Police to use the facilities and premises where the precursors will be stored and used;
  • for all personnel who will have access to precursors, you need to obtain certificates of no criminal record and certificates from a narcologist. These documents must be received by the head of the enterprise, even if he/she will not have direct access to the relevant substances;
  • a document is needed to confirm the professional suitability of the leader, since licensing conditions require this. This may be a degree in chemical education.

If a head does not have a chemical education degree , it is enough to have at least one chemist on the staff. It is desirable that he/she be the head of a chemical laboratory or other department working with these substances.

After the consultation, the process slowed down somewhat, because the Client needed time to obtain the above documents through their own effort. Our specialists, according to the desires of the Client, provided legal support of this process only in the form of consultations.

After all the certificates have been collected, our lawyers promptly prepared and sent to the Client for signing an application, statements and other documents required for applying for a license. The very order to issue a license was received on the fourth working day after the submission of documents.

You can get further information about the necessary documents and the process of obtaining a license for precursors from our consultant here or by telephone.

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