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Our company was contacted by a Client with the following request: he (i.e. the Client) needed to build dormitories for his client. The Client did not properly know all the documentary nuances, so he asked us to advise him on permits he needed to obtain to start work. Since we have repeatedly encountered such situations, we immediately explained to the Client that in order to the carry out construction work within the limits of the law, he needs to obtain the following permits:

  • a Construction License,
  • a high-risk work permit,
  • a high-risk work declaration.
Since the Client was short of time, we immediately set to work. First of all, we decided on the types of work from to the Codifier to be specified in the Construction License and high-risk work permit.

The Client had a Construction License, but it expired about two years ago. Having analyzed the previous license and the current Codifier of types of construction works, we determined the maximum possible set of works for the new license within the agreed cost. We also promptly determined the list of works for the high-risk work permit and declaration. But in the course of processing the task we faced the following problems:

  •  The Client didn’t have the properly trained personnel at the enterprise,
  • The Client didn’t have a permit for lifting crane operations (the Client didn’t inform us of this at the beginning of our cooperation).
Since the procedures for obtaining the license and permits can be carried out in parallel, we first of all prepared and submitted all the necessary documents to the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine to pass the licensing committee, as well as organized support for staff training and a full/partial technical inspection of the crane. As a result:
  • The documents for the Construction License were reviewed at the nearest licensing committee.
  • We provided support and assistance for the staff to undergo training courses necessary to obtain the permits and declaration,
  • Our specialists obtained a new technical passport for a crane, including its full/partial technical inspection.
After the personnel passed necessary training courses and our specialists obtained a technical passport for the crane, our next step was to obtain positive expert opinions on the ability of the company to carry on works and use high-risk equipment. At the same time, we prepared a high-risk work declaration.

Thus, all preparatory work was carried out in the shortest possible time and we submitted the relevant documents for the obtaining the high risk work permit, the high-risk work declaration, the permit to use high risk equipment.

In a month after the beginning of our cooperation with the Client, the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine made a positive decision to issue the Construction License for the Client’s company, and the State Labor Service of Ukraine granted the relevant permits and declaration.

With our assistance, the Client managed to obtain all necessary documents before the start of construction works that helped him to avoid potential negative consequences in the future.

Publication date: 15/05/2019

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