Obtained a construction license for a company registered outside of the Kyiv region

A loyal Client, who wanted to obtain a license for construction works, contacted our firm in April 2018. This business was not the main one for the Client, therefore, the work started with advising on the main stages of obtaining the construction license, requirements and possible risks.

First of all, the Client was interested in whether we could help in obtaining a building license for a company that is registered outside Kiev region. This kind of question often arises in practice. This is due to the fact that several years ago according to the regulations that were in force at the time, licenses were divided into regional and national; licenses for most types of work would be issued only in the region where the company was registered, and only the most complex or specific lists would have to be processed by the State Architectural and Construction Supervision Authority . At the moment, we can get any construction license for a company from any region of Ukraine in a central authority in Kiev.

Our many years of experience in this field clearly indicate that the work must begin with putting together the exact list of works that are planned to be carried out, as well as the risk class. The specific nature of a construction license is that its cost directly depends on this list, some items quite significantly affect its cost. At the same time, the Client can be sure that with our company they will get total possible opportunities for a certain cost. So, for example, if the Client declares a type of work that raises the cost of services, our lawyers will suggest including in the list all possible works that will not make the indicated price go up. Even the Client does not plan to perform these works at the present moment, they may be required in the future. The list of works is put together based on the Classifier, which is available under the link.

The second important issue that raised our Clients’ concerns were the requirements for the staff and facilities and resources of the enterprise: what are they, how do they get verified , will there be an audit be carried out, to name a few. Currently, copies of diplomas, agreements, certificates and so on are not submitted to the licensing authority. The declarative principle applies - the applicant indicates what personnel and equipment they have available, and the licensing body, on the basis of this information, makes a decision whether to issue or deny a license. With this approach to work, it is quite important to correctly fill out the statements, since after obtaining a license it is very likely that this information can be double-checked by State Architectural and Construction Supervision Authority during a scheduled check.

Thus, it is recommended that you entrust the obtaining of a building license to the law company that will be able to provide inspection support services and defend the obtained license  in the future .

We have been working in this field for more than 10 years; we have received more than a hundred different kinds of licenses and this makes us certain that obtaining a building license with us will be quick and of high quality.

To learn about the services for obtaining a building license in our company in more detail, as well as to download a sample of how to fill out the statements on the facilities and resources, you can click on the link below

Publication date: 25/05/2018

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