Our practical experience of pediatricians and family doctors licensing under medical reform in Ukraine

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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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Medical reform in Ukraine caused increase in licensing among doctors in Ukraine. In particular it influenced such doctors as pediatricians and family doctors. It is because the above doctors are entitled to claim reimbursements of medical services provided to patients. The reimbursements are provided by the National Health Service of Ukraine (NHSU) on contractual basis.

The conditions for signing an agreement with the NHSU on the basis of which the cost of primary care services will be reimbursed are:

  • registration of an enterprise (most often in the form of a sole trader);
  • obtaining a license for medical practice.

During the period from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, the lawyers of our company acted as legal consultants for a significant number of private practitioners who planned to provide primary medical care.

Based on experience with this category of Clients, the following key issues and problems that they encounter can be distinguished:

  1. The multiplicity of specialties. Most of our Clients in this category are interested in the possibility of private practice in several specialties at the same time. For example, when the pediatrician has an additional certificate in "children's allergology". In this case, there are no restrictions on combining specialties. Reimbursement is provided for specific services, and therefore related specialties are not excluded. At the same time, it is important that the list of available equipment and facilities where medical practice will be carried out comply with orders of the Ministry of Health and other regulatory acts;
  2. the lack of the need to obtain a certificate of sanitary and epidemiological examination on the premises. From the beginning of 2018, applicants for a medical license who provide only primary medical care were allowed not to receive certificates of sanitary and epidemiological examination on their medical offices (formerly known as SES conclusions). Such changes have positively affected the terms for obtaining a license for medical practice and made it more accessible. At the same time, advising clients on this issue, we usually make 2 key warnings:
  3. the lack of the need to provide a sanitary and epidemiological examination certificate does not mean that the premises do not have requirements regarding the area, lighting,                ventilation, interior finish, etc.
  4. for licensees, only the formal part of the confirmation that the premises comply with the standards of the State Service Of Ukraine On Food Safety And Consumer Protection is canceled;if a medical practice is planned to involve not only the specialty “general practice - family medicine”, but also the specialties of secondary (specialized) medical care, the certificate of sanitary and epidemiological examination is obtained on a common basis. You can read more about the cancellation of the certificate of sanitary and epidemiological examination in the material of our law firm.
  5. What equipment does a family doctor need? In addition to the abolition of the need to submit a certificate of sanitary and epidemiological examination, at the beginning of 2018 the Ministry of Health also systematized the list of equipment for doctors' offices providing primary medical care. All medical products and medical devices in the specified list are divided into basic and additional ones, the availability of which is accordingly mandatory or optional. Moreover, a number of medical equipment from the list is subject to mandatory metrological verification.
In addition to answering questions of this kind, our lawyers also help with registering a sole proprietorship, preparing documents for a license and submitting them to the licensing authority with the minimum possible involvement of the Client.
If you want to learn how to properly draw up documents for a license through your own effort, you can do this using our video material.

As part of the medical reform, our company provides legal support not only to private practitioner family doctors, but also primary healthcare facilities, including the ones that have the municipal form of ownership. You can acquaint yourselves with the experience of working with primary health care centers, outpatient clinics, and other municipal non-profit enterprises in the material of our lawyers.

Publication date: 23/06/2018

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