Helped to open a business in Ukraine for a foreigner without a personal presence

Provided a legal support of opening a business for a foreigner in Ukraine without a personal presence

English-speaking specialized lawyers of our firm helped a foreign citizen to start business in Ukraine, foreseeing that the client will not be able to be in our country at this period.

Legal support of opening a business for a foreigner in Ukraine without a personal presence

Open a business in Ukraine, a foreigner, a company, without a personal presence

  • A client could become a director of a Ukrainian company without a personal presence;
  • lawyers supported the full cycle of business registration for a foreigner - from obtaining a tax number to registration of him as a director;
  • documents prepared by lawyers in advance saved money and time for the Client.

Our Client, to whom we obtained a work permit in Ukraine, had a need to change a head of a company to himself at the beginning of December 2018. The company (a limited liability company) was registered by our employees under a power of attorney of the Client.

Work stages of a specialized lawyer

  1. The first stage of such work is obtaining a registration number of a tax payer's card;
  2. the next step is to register a company. However, a foreigner can not be appointed to the position of a head of a company until obtaining a work permit in Ukraine.

At the same time, a company can not be registered without appointment of a head. That is why, someone needs to hold the position of a head of a company for the period of obtaining a work permit. After obtaining a work permit for a foreign Client in Ukraine, he gets full control over the company through changing a temporary head to the foreigner himself.

Importantly! A foreigner must be officially employed and an employment contract must be concluded between him and a company not later than 90 days after obtainment of the work permit submit its copy once concluded with the corresponding authority within 10 days. That is why, the procedure for changing a head needs to be conducted rather quickly. It should be mentioned that the minutes of the general meeting of members (or the decision of a member if he is the only one, as in the case) on changing a head must be notarized, and this excludes a possibility of antedating contract. Therefore, a foreign founder (member) must quickly arrive in Ukraine to sign the document or issue a power of attorney to an authorized person, who is in Ukraine.

However, our employees foresaw everything in advance. At the beginning of working with the Client, we provided him with a draft of a power of attorney, which he issued to our lawyers in his country and sent it to us by courier delivery. The power of attorney is universal and gives an authority for all legal actions regarding registration of an identification number, a company registration and conduct of all necessary changes in the company, including change of its head.

What did the Client obtain?

  1. A complex of services for business registration in Ukraine;
  2. a residence permit, which allows to stay in Ukraine for three years, and it is quite enough to launch business activities;
  3. legal support by specialized English-speaking lawyers.

A large number of legislative requirements and a need to be present at state authorities can cause some discomfort to foreigners, who plan to conduct a business in Ukraine. Considering such problems, our lawyers developed the most optimal scheme (in terms of time and financial expenses), which allows non-residents to make profit from the activities of their companies within tight deadlines.

Therefore, change of a head was the final stage of business registration and stay of a foreigner in Ukraine on the legal grounds. The personal presence of a foreigner in Ukraine was not needed at this time.

If you have a need for business registration in Ukraine, please, contact specialized lawyers of our firm.

Publication date: 13/12/2018

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