Our lawyers helped an enterprise from Kiev to license its infirmary

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Lawyers of our firm assisted a large enterprise from Kiev with licensing of its own infirmary.

This case was special in that medical services had been previously provided by a local hospital but the healthcare institution decided not to prolong the corresponding contract, which was going to expire shortly.

Thus, with a minimum of time for preparation, hundreds of employees at the enterprise were running a risk of being left without a licensed infirmary providing them with medical services.

First of all, our lawyers were given a task to choose the most optimum form of healthcare institution for the provision of medical care.

Since at the time of contacting our company the LLC staff consisted only of junior medical workers, we were immediately able to exclude the health center, since it requires medical personnel. The Client was offered two options, namely:

  • registration of one of the employees as a sole trader and provision of services by them on the basis of an agreement with the enterprise;
  • licensing of a medical office without creating a healthcare institution.

In the course of explaining the advantages and disadvantages of such options, the Client chose the second option, which was the most optimum. It should be noted that the possibility of creating such medical rooms at enterprises was presented only a year ago with the adoption of the new licensing conditions for medical practice.

As soon as a decision was made in regard to a form of an infirmary form of operation, our lawyers helped prepare for the sanitary-epidemiological examination of the premises, as a result of which the corresponding act was received.

In parallel with the receipt of the act, the lawyers of our company, practicing medical law, prepared a package of documents for submission to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Thus, by the time of receipt of the inspection certificate, the Client was ready to draft all the documents.

The submission of the application and statements to the Ministry of Health was carried out by proxy, which allowed to reduce the Client’s involvement in the work of obtaining a license for a medical center to a minimum.

As a result, a positive decision was received at the very first licensing commission, which allowed launching the activities of the Client’s own medical center as quickly as possible. 

You can learn more about our licensing services for medical facilities, as well as healthcare institutions and private practitioners on our company’s page of services for obtaining a license for a medical practice.

Publication date: 15/05/2017

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