Helped Ukrainian sport federation to change its management bodies

At the end of spring of 2014, our law firm was contacted by a Client, representing an all-Ukrainian sports federation. The key problem that the Client couldn’t solve for several years was related to the preparation of documents and introduction of changes in the governing bodies of the sports federation, which actually did not function.

This non-governmental organization was registered in Kyiv in 2003. When registering the Federation, they also created the local cells, each of which had three members. Thus, the number of members of the Federation was at least 40 people. After the registration of the non-governmental organization, no record of members was actually kept and it was impossible to determine the exact number and names of the members. At the time of contacting our company, the Board of the Federation hadn’t held any meetings and hadn’t made any decisions for more than three years.

The Federation tried to hold a meeting and to execute documents for changes in the structure of the governing bodies a number of times, but none of their attempts was successful, because of the errors in the documents.

In addition, our company’s lawyers drew the Client’s attention to the fact that in the beginning of 2013 a new law regulating the activities of non-governmental organizations came into force, as well as to the fact that the Federation was obliged to bring its constituent documents into compliance with the new law within 5 years. The Client agreed that it would be reasonable to conduct this procedure in parallel with the registration of changes in the structure of the governing bodies of the Federation. The Client asked also to take into account the experience of other sports federations, when developing the charter in order to lay the legal grounds for increasing the number of members and their influence on the governing bodies of the Federation in the future.

Our specialists ensured the obtainment of the registration dossier of the Federation in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, and transferred it to the local department of justice. The thorough analysis of the materials allowed us to clarify many issues.

The Client instructed our lawyers to prepare a new version of the charter of the non-governmental organization, minutes of the meeting, register of members, as well as all the documents necessary for the state registration of changes. We were also entrusted with the organization and conduct of the general meeting of members of the Federation.

Work done to change the governing bodies of the Sports Federation

Neither the set task, nor the further registration of changes in the charter of the non-governmental organization and renewal of the certificate confirming the inclusion of the Federation in the Register of Non-Profit Organizations pose any significant difficulties to our company’s lawyers, as this is a part of their daily work.

The general meeting was held strictly in accordance with the current laws and regulations, that allows to quickly, within one week, register the new version of the charter and changes in the structure of the Board of the Federation. 

Publication date: 06/11/2014

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