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In August 2017, a our company was contacted by a Client, who intended to register a non-governmental organization (NGO). According to the Client, the key objective of the organization was to unite creative people and promote their creative fulfillment, as well as society’s cultural development. The Client needed comprehensive legal support and assistance in setting up a non-governmental organization, including drafting its constituent documents, registering at the relevant state authorities, obtaining the non-profit status, as well as providing legal advice on further organization’s activities, in particular, regarding the admittance and withdrawal from membership, reporting, etc. In addition, the Client intended to lease the communal property that required his participation in the tender. Thereto, he asked to accelerate the process of registration and obtainment of the non-profit status for the organization.

Since our lawyers have extensive experience in providing the abovementioned services, we were quite delighted to take on that case. After signing the Legal Services Agreement with the Client, our lawyers embarked on drafting the organization’s charter. During eleven years of its existence our company has developed a number of charter templates, which were successfully registered at the relevant state authorities and enhanced due to our extensive experience, but the Client had some requirements to be specified in the standard charter.

Bringing the NGO Charter in line with the Client’s wishes requires significant efforts. First, we have to review law to determine whether the Client’s wishes do not contradict to any piece of domestic legislation. Then, in some cases, we need to study the practice of the authority that registers non-governmental organizations, because the return of documents significantly delays the registration procedure that should be avoided.

Thanks to careful preparation and our company’s extensive expertise, we were able to quickly register the non-governmental organization, taking into account all the Client’s wishes regarding the constituent documents.

The State Registrar of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine had remarks neither related the documents developed by our lawyers, nor to the provisions proposed by the Client. Thus, the non-governmental organization was included in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs in just a day after the submission of the documents.

Having agreed with the Client, we ensured the creation of a stamp for the Client’s organization. Thus, we were ready to submit documents for obtaining a non-profit status. The next task was not just to get such a status, but to do it quickly, because the decision of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine on the inclusion of the organization in the Register of Nonprofit Organizations is one of the documents required to be submitted for participation in the tender. And our lawyers easily coped with this task, as our charters were inspected in all districts of Kyiv and many other cities, and we also assessed whether the provisions added by the Client could affect the inclusion of the organization in the Register of Nonprofit Organizations.

The Client was pleased that we met the agreed deadline, as it was very important for him.

If you want to set up a non-profit organization, amend its charter, or introduce changes to the governing bodies, etc., don’t hesitate to contact us. You can learn more about the terms and conditions of our cooperation here.

Publication date: 30/08/2017

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