Urgent extension of Work Permits for Foreign Nationals: is it realistic?

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Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)
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In the current globalized world, cross-border collaborations are increasingly commonplace, presenting unique challenges, especially for Ukrainian businesses interacting with foreign nationals working within the country.

We were approached for legal assistance by two Indian friends, each owning a company in Ukraine and operating under work permits for foreign nationals. They were in a critical situation as their permits were due to expire in just three weeks. This deadline created a significant predicament, as their ongoing employment and residence status in Ukraine were contingent on the timely renewal of these permits.

Our law firm's substantial experience with foreign nationals and work permit-related issues became a key asset in this case. Given the tight three-week timeframe, our prompt response and efficient strategy development were crucial in managing and resolving the situation effectively.

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How to Swiftly Extend a Work Permit Under Tight Deadlines?

The most critical and time-intensive task in this scenario was preparing the necessary documents for the extension of work permits. This complex process entailed collecting client information, compiling a document package for submission to the Employment Center, and coordinating with the relevant authorities. Our preparation of these documents required scrupulous attention to detail and precision, as any inaccuracies could cause delays or lead to the rejection of the application.

Since the companies were registered in Kyiv, and the work permits were also initially obtained from the Kyiv Employment Center, but our clients were physically in Lviv, we decided to expedite the process by emailing the prepared drafts of the documents. The clients, upon receiving the documents, signed and stamped them and then promptly sent them back to us using the logistics service “Nova Poshta.”

This approach necessitated not only accuracy in document preparation but also effective organization to avoid any delays in the shipping and receipt of the signed documents. The expertise and diligence of our team were instrumental in ensuring the smooth and timely handling of these critical documents.

Expedited Renewal of Work Permits for Foreign Nationals 

Faced with a looming deadline for work permit renewal, all necessary documents were diligently gathered and submitted to the Employment Center just in time. The key to this undertaking was not only the meticulous preparation of the required documentation but also strategic interaction with the relevant authorities to secure a favorable decision. Our adherence to our firm’s high standards of quality and efficiency played a pivotal role in meeting the market demands in legal services.

The Employment Center, after a thorough review, approved the documents. Consequently, the work permits for the foreign nationals were successfully extended, ensuring our clients could continue their work in Ukraine uninterrupted and extend their residence permits for another two years.

This case highlights the critical importance of rapid response, expert planning, and organization in the realm of legal services. Even under stringent time constraints and with the pressing needs of clients, our team's dedication, accumulated experience, strategic approach, effective communication, and professionalism led to the successful resolution of the case. It exemplifies the trustworthiness and significance of relying on legal professionals for support.

Our law firm has extensive experience in immigration law, greatly facilitating the processes of obtaining and renewing work permits for foreign citizens. Success in such cases hinges on a team of specialists prepared to work tirelessly and deliver positive results for their clients.

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Publication date: 01/11/2023
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