Registration and renewal of a work permit for a foreigner during the war

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Work permit obtainment for foreigner in Kiev (Ukraine)
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We have been helping to obtain Work Permits for foreigners in Ukraine for many years. Today, the war has made its adjustments and there have been some changes in the legislation.

A complicated situation arises because the Work Permit in Ukraine has a finite validity period, which may expire during wartime, and can hardly be extended, because not all local migration authorities provide their services and not to all persons. Moreover, the Work Permit is the basis for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine. If you fail to extend the Permit, you will also lose your Visa. Entrepreneurs risk losing foreign qualified employees.

Today, in our article we will give a specific example and elaborate on the procedure for obtaining a Work Permit.

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The procedure for applying for and obtaining a Work Permit during the war

A charitable foundation headed by a citizen of a foreign country approached Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm with a request for assistance in extending a Work Permit in Ukraine. Representatives of the foundation tried to do it on their own, but they only lost a lot of time and faced a number of problems, but the service was not received.

Indeed, not all authorities work during martial law. Employment Centers and Administrative Service Centers are not always able to provide comprehensive information, because many specialists have been replaced (left for safer regions). Lack of telephone and other communication with government agencies also makes it impossible to get quality advice.

Given that there is very little time left before the expiry of the Permit, the Client has decided to seek qualified assistance from our lawyers. And they made no mistake, because our specialists are constantly monitoring all the changes in the legislation, and have current forms of applications and petitions. Moreover, we keep in touch with the specialists of Employment Centers through the website, e-mail, Telegram and other means of communication that have become available due to the digitalization in Ukraine.

After a thorough review of documents through electronic correspondence, we received an answer that due to the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the deadlines for providing administrative services, including deadlines for granting permits, were suspended. This was the first step to reassure the Client and assure them that, despite the breach of time limits, their issues would be resolved positively.

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What do I need to extend my Work Permit?

For the maximum convenience of the Client, our specialists took care of all the paperwork, visits to government agencies, communication and consultations, etc. For this purpose, a corresponding power of attorney was drawn up.

Upon detailed examination of the documents, it was determined that the foreigner to whom the Work Permit was being extended had received a new passport document. Therefore, a translation of the new passport was added to the document package to make appropriate changes in the Permit.

Please note! According to the law, the employer is obliged to notify the respective Employment Center of the following changes within 30 days:

  • the name of the legal entity, for example, in connection with a reorganization;
  • the name or surname of a natural person-entrepreneur who is an employer;
  • passport document of a foreigner, including if this document has been changed due to a change of name or surname;
  • the foreigner’s job title or transfer to another position, if it occurred with the same employer and within the period for which the permit was issued.

The company’s lawyers submitted the application and the necessary documents for extending the Work Permit. After that we constantly monitored the readiness of the document.

Due to the fact that the deadline for processing documents for the period of martial law is stopped, we contacted the specialists of the Employment Center and provided reasons to accelerate the extension of the Permit.

After receiving the settlement account and other details for payment for the extension of the Permit, we calculated the appropriate amount to be paid by the Client.

Please note! If the payment for issuing or extending a Work Permit is not made within 10 business days, the Permit will be canceled.

Our specialists, following a decision on the extension of the Work Permit, receive it on the basis of a power of attorney and hand it over to the Client.

Thus, our Client gives us the documents, signs the order and the application and receives the ready document from us without visiting the government agencies, searching for service providers and waiting in queues.

Do you want to extend or obtain a Work Permit in Ukraine? Don’t hesitate to contact our specialists! We will help you to solve your problem without going abroad.

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Publication date: 24/06/2022
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