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If you've acquired a license to supply electrical energy and have become a provider, it's crucial to understand your responsibilities to the National Commission for Energy and Utilities Regulation (NCREUR) in Ukraine. You are now obligated to regularly submit reports, a vital component of adhering to Ukraine's legislative regulations.

You can obtain the latest report form templates from the NCREUR's official website. To efficiently meet your obligations, it's advisable to review the reporting schedule and download all necessary forms. If required, our company can assist you in this process and offer professional guidance on compliance with legal requirements in the electricity supply sector.

Additionally, we can manage the submission of reports on behalf of your company in the electricity market.

So, here's the schedule.

Let's clarify the reporting procedure for the NCREUR

By the 25th of each month


  • Form № 3a-NCREUR-Electricity Supply (Monthly) – "Report on the Electricity Supplier's Activities."
  • Form № 3-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Monthly) – "Report on Electricity Purchase and Sales Volumes."

By the 25th of the month following the end of a quarter.

This means by the 25th of April, June, October, and January (for Q4 of the previous year):

  • Form № 2-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Quarterly) – "Report on Electricity Consumer Characteristics."
  • Form № 12-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Quarterly) – "Report on Retail Electricity Market Prices."

By the 30th of the month following the end of a quarter.

This means by the 30th of April, July, October, and January (for Q4 of the previous year):

  • Form № 9-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Quarterly) – "Report on Settlements for Consumed Electrical Energy."
  • Form № 20-NCREUR – "Report on Payment of Regulation Fee." It must be submitted no later than the second working day after the established payment deadline. However, the payment deadline is 30 days after the end of the quarter. It's advisable to submit it by the 30th of the month following the end of the quarter to avoid confusion.

By the 50th day after the end of the quarter.

This means by the 20th of May, 19th of August, 19th of November, and 19th of February (for Q4 of the previous year):

  • Form № 14-NCREUR-Quality-Supply in ESR, Report, and SER formats – "Report on Commercial Quality Indicators of Providing Electrical Energy Supply Services."

By the 25th of February of the following year after the reporting period:

  • Form № 1-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Annual) – "Report on the General Performance Characteristics of the Electricity Supplier."
  • Form № 10-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Annual) – "Report on Payment Method Characteristics for Consumed Electrical Energy and Invoice Issuance."
  • Form № 11-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Annual) – "Report on Consumer Complaints and Inquiries Regarding the Electricity Supplier."
  • Form № 4-NCREUR-Monitoring-Supply (Annual) – "Report on Contractual Relations."

By the 25th of the month following the reporting period:

  • Appendix 8 (Annual) to the Standards for Electrical Supply Quality and Compensation for Non-Compliance with Consumers.
  • Additionally, you should submit an annual financial report.

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Reporting Procedure for the NCREUR

Reports submitted to the National Commission for Energy and Utilities Regulation must be in electronic format, available in two options:

  • A completed Excel spreadsheet.
  • A file signed with a cryptographic key.

Please note: The signature format should not be the default or your preferred choice; documents should be signed in the p7s format.

Consequences of Non-Compliance or Reporting Errors

Failure to adhere to reporting requirements, which includes not submitting reports, submitting them late, or providing incomplete or incorrect information, can lead to fines starting from UAH 85,000. Importantly, these fines may not be imposed immediately after the reporting deadline or upon receiving an erroneous report; the NCREUR may identify violations at a later stage.

We offer services to assist with report submissions, whether your business is temporarily inactive and doesn't require a full-time accountant, or if your company is actively involved in the electricity supply sector.

If you find yourself confused during the reporting process or simply prefer not to handle the electronic paperwork, don't hesitate to contact us. Our experts can take care of these meticulous tasks for you.

Check out the cost of report submission to the NCREUR here.

Furthermore, we provide training services for managing reports in the electricity market.

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