Residence permit in Ukraine for employment: benefits for the employee and the employer

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starts at 800 USD
TRP on the basis of work in Ukraine
1700 USD
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Residence permit extension
Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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Ukraine has recently become very attractive for entrepreneurial activity. In particular:

  • the functioning of the legal regime of Diia City was approved at the legislative level in order to stimulate the development of the digital economy in Ukraine, the development of digital infrastructure, and the attraction of investments, as well as talented specialists;
  • the establishment of industrial parks and enterprises organized on the territory of such parks (they receive tax benefits, assistance from the state, from local authorities, receive connection to power grids, etc., in order to use such preferential conditions to create jobs, pay taxes to the budget, etc.)
  • the tax burden on business has been significantly reduced because of the war;
  • the European Union has abolished import duties on Ukrainian goods for the entire year;
  • and so on.

All this makes our country attractive for setting up a business and foreign investments.

In addition, Ukraine provides an opportunity for foreigners who plan to open their own business in the country, additional preferences. For example, obtaining a residence permit. And this is a significant advantage, because you will be able to stay in the country as long as necessary to monitor the activities of your business.

A residence permit is obtained on the basis of a work permit granted to a foreigner as a director of his/her own business. Please check the cost of obtaining such a permit here.

Our lawyers have considerable experience in providing comprehensive legalization of residence and employment in Ukraine. We will tell you more about it at individual consultations on the desired direction of your business.

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Procedure for registering a business and obtaining a permit

This procedure consists of several stages.

At the first stage we help to get a tax identification number for a foreigner (i.e. taxpayer registration number in Ukraine), to prepare the package of documents for the registration of the company and register the legal entity.

We talked about the procedure in detail here.

The first stage is the registration of your company. We independently develop the constituent documents of the company, we select the organizational structure and activities, depending on your vision for developing and conducting business in Ukraine. A company can be registered with different members – you as a natural person or, for example, your existing foreign company can become a member.

The second stage involves obtaining a work permit for a foreigner at the Employment Center. We prepare and submit the documents, monitor the progress, and get the permit. You get the opportunity to be employed in your own company as a director. The work permit gives you the further opportunity to obtain a residence permit. In addition, if you get a work permit as a director – there will be no minimum wage requirements for the employee, which will help optimize the costs at the start.

The third stage consists of preparation of documents and obtaining visa D. Our lawyers will prepare the necessary translations, certify documents at the notary, help to properly issue an insurance policy and an invitation letter.

The fourth stage is the issuance of a temporary residence permit for a foreigner. We prepare a package of documents for submission, accompany and monitor the readiness of the document. We also help to prepare for your visit to the Migration Service and accompany you during it.

Please note! A foreigner is not required to visit Ukraine for the first three stages. It is enough to execute a power of attorney and submit a copy of the passport document. That means that at all stages our Client does not have to deal with officials, to stand in a queue and to collect and certify copies of documents, arrange insurance policy, translations, fill in applications, prepare charters, contracts, minutes, etc.

In addition, you will not have to look for specialists separately for business support, our specialists have many years of experience in providing such services, namely:

  • maintaining accounting records;
  • filing of required reports;
  • obtaining permits and licenses;
  • extending work permits;
  • exchange of residence permits;
  • many other accounting and legal services.

If you intend to start your own business in Ukraine and want to get all possible benefits from it – don’t hesitate to contact us. We will take care of a simple and safe start of your business activity and your life in Ukraine.

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