Residence permit in Ukraine through company registration - is it safe?

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Obtaining a temporary residence permit in Ukraine
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One of the ways to obtain a Temporary Residence Permit in Ukraine or to enter the country safely is to obtain a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine. The procedure is not too complicated, especially for specialists from Ukraine who assist foreigners on a permanent basis.

However, you must be careful whom you choose as your legal migration partner in Ukraine, because you may encounter problems even with the promised “guarantees”.

We were contacted by a Client, who had a Work Permit issued by another company. He obtained a visa and came to Ukraine with all necessary documents, hoping to enter the country without any problems. However, he was denied entry at customs control without explanation. Subsequently he tried a second time and the situation repeated itself. Then he applied to us.

We analyzed the situation, contacted the customs control authorities, and found that our predecessors had acted in bad faith and unprofessionally. In particular, this LLC was on the so-called “fake” list, so anyone coming with the documents registered for this company was refused.

It turned out that the previous law firm had prepared documents for many people for one and the same company, had not paid the state fee for the Work Permit, and had not notified the authorities that the foreigner had begun work upon arrival. As a result, non-residents came to Ukraine and their further stay remained unknown, which violated all possible rules and legal requirements - that’s why this LLC was blacklisted.

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What option for obtaining a Work Permit do we offer?

We work according to a different algorithm. Our task is to take care of legal and safe border crossing and further stay in Ukraine.

LLC for your documents will be “clean”, established exclusively for you, taking into account your wishes regarding the name, types of activities. All state fees are paid on time. We inform the authorities that you have commenced the execution of official duties in accordance with the requirements of the existing legislation. That is, we control the processes and take responsibility for the result.

We set up a new LLC for our Client, obtained a Work Permit, provided him with instructions on how to get the D-type visa and prepared an insurance policy. After that the Client freely entered Ukraine with our documents. We also ensured registration of his place of residence and accompanied him to the authorities in order to obtain a Residence Permit in Ukraine.

Our other Client, who first turned to an unverified law firm for obtaining the Permit, entered Ukraine with our assistance time without any problems. However, while executing the service he was not advised on the following procedure, and the company, which was preparing the documents, completely ignored him. Fearing the problems with his Permit, he turned to us.

After reviewing all the documents, we wrote a request to the Employment Center, after which it turned out that a state fee had not been paid for his Work Permit. However, he was fortunate that the deadline was extended during the quarantine period and his Permit was still valid.

We helped solve the problems and completed preparation of the necessary documents needed for him to legally stay on the territory of Ukraine. That is, we paid the state fee, prepared all the necessary documents, ensured registration of his place of residence in Kyiv and accompanied him to the Migration Service to obtain a Residence Permit.

The wrong choice of a legal partner takes a lot of money, disappoints, and rewards only stress. This is the situation we are striving to change in the Ukrainian market. We want to prove that legal services are reliable and safe.

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Why can we guarantee you the safety of the procedure for obtaining a permit in Ukraine?

In order to obtain a Work Permit for a foreigner in Ukraine we:

  • create a company (Limited Liability Company) for the employment of the worker;
  • prepare the documents for submission to the Administrative Services Center (ASC) for the Work Permit;
  • arrange the translation of the passport, the draft agreement;
  • submit the documents to the ASC;
  • prepare payment details for the Work Permit and ensure its payment;
  • arrange health insurance policy for 3 years of stay in Ukraine, including Covid-19 coverage (required for a visa);
  • send the documents for obtaining a visa to you;
  • give instructions on how to obtain a D-type visa.

A complete list of documents for obtaining a Work Permit in Ukraine includes:

  • The application is prepared by our lawyers and submitted on behalf of the employer. The application specifies that the job of the foreign specialist is not related to state secrets and does not depend on the employee's citizenship of Ukraine;
  • A document confirming the identity of a foreigner – a notarized copy with a certified translation into Ukrainian. Our lawyers will arrange both translation and notarization for you;
  • 3.5 x4.5 cm color photograph of the employee;
  • Draft employment agreement with the employee – such a draft is certified by the signature of the employer;
  • Receipt of payment of the state duty;
  • Power of Attorney for a representative – our lawyers draft a power of attorney.

You will work with lawyers who not only understand the legal aspects of obtaining permits, but can clearly communicate all of these aspects to you in English. You will know the procedure from beginning to end, you will be confident in the work processes and the step-by-step plan of action.

Obtaining a Work Permit is rarely a stand-alone service. Usually we accompany the whole range of related procedures such as establishing a company in Ukraine, obtaining a Residence Permit, keeping accounting records, etc.

When obtaining a Residence Permit on the basis of employment, you need the  following:

  • Work Permit in Ukraine;
  • The employer’s obligation to notify the relevant state authorities of the foreigner’s dismissal or change of information about the foreigner;
  • Information from the register of legal entities about the company.

In addition, we prepare:

  • Notarized translation of the foreigner’s passport, as well as other documents issued abroad in a foreign language;
  • Health insurance policy (this insurance policy can be used not only for the purpose of obtaining the Residence Permit in Ukraine);
  • Registration in Kyiv and Kyiv region for a foreigner for six months, a year or other agreed period (we can both accompany the registration at the existing address of the foreign citizen, and help you to find a nominal address).

Our law firm has extensive experience in working with various jurisdictions – we provided full legal support to migration projects for citizens of the USA, Germany, Turkey, Sweden, Great Britain, etc.

We do not limit ourselves to a narrow range of services, and help Clients both at the preparatory stage (health insurance policies, notarial translations), and after receipt of a Residence Permit (registration in Kyiv and Kyiv region). Usually, our Clients choose the turnkey preparation of the documents . This includes minimum participation of the Client, i.e. comfort, and taking into account our experience and reputation we provide the desired result within the stipulated terms.

Take care and be responsible in your choice of law companies. Sometimes hasty, rash decisions cost too much.

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Publication date: 06/01/2022

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