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In September of 2014, our law firm was contacted by an individual entrepreneur, an ophthalmologist, who, after many years of working in public healthcare facilities, decided to open his own treatment and consulting room. The medical office of our Client was located in one of the towns of the Poltava region.

During the first stage of our cooperation, we advised the Client on the licensing regulations governing the procedure for obtaining a Medical License. Thus, our lawyers elaborated on the requirements for equipping an eye care office, specifying the medical devices required to carry out medical practice of ophthalmology, as well as the medical devices that are not required by law, but can be used on the doctor’s own discretion. In addition, the Client asked our lawyers to advise him on the use of certain medical equipment, which he intended to use, but was not fully confident whether it was compliant with the ophthalmic profile of his office. Having analyzed the documents provided by the Client and compared them with the requirements of the current law of Ukraine, our lawyers assured the Client that he could use the diagnostic equipment in his particular case.

The second stage was to bring the premises to be used for the eye care office into line with all the requirements. Having received and analyzed the plan of the premises previously leased by the Client, our lawyers specializing in medical law concluded that it didn’t not fully comply with the requirements of the State Construction Standards of Ukraine. The fact is that eye care facilities are subject to more complicated requirements, namely, in addition to the doctor’s room, there should be a so-called dark room, which must meet certain space requirements, as well as other material and technical requirements. On the basis of our explanations, the Client agreed with the lessor and made certain alterations, that allowed him to make the premises of his office fully compliant with the law.

At the stage of obtaining the conclusion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, our lawyers advised the Client on all issues related to the inspection carried out by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service, as well as ensured that the Sanitary and Epidemiological Certificate issued for the eye care office contained all the necessary data and details. The latter is extremely important in view of the fact that the conclusions of various Sanitary and Epidemiological Service agencies on similar premises and specialties may differ and not every conclusion meets the requirements for obtaining the Medical License.

In parallel with obtaining the Sanitary and Epidemiological Certificate, the lawyers of our licensing department filled in the company’s statements, namely, the statements on the material and technical basis, statements on compliance with educational and qualification requirements, as well as the statements on availability of statutes and regulations and reporting forms, which usually cause difficulties for the licensees.

Having made all necessary copies of the documents and having received signed statements from the Client, our lawyers submitted the complete package of documents to the center of administrative services of the licensing authority in Kyiv under the power of attorney certified by a notary, which the Client granted to our employees in advance.

A positive decision was made at the first meeting of the licensing committee of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and after all the necessary license fees had been paid, the Client personally obtained the license through the Single Window of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Publication date: 25/12/2014

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