We registered an NGO without status of legal entity

In August 2014, Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm successfully completed the registration of a non-governmental organization (the NGO) without the legal entity status in one of the Kyiv districts. That was our first experience of registering an NGO without the legal entity status after the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations” came into force in 2013.

The procedure for registration of an NGO without the legal entity status and the list of documents required for registration are set forth in Article 16 of the above Law.

Thus, in order to register an NGO without the legal entity status, it is necessary to submit the following documents to the registration authority:

  • Minutes of the meeting of the NGO founding members;
  • Information on the NGO founding members;
  • Information on the person authorized to represent the organization;
  • Application for registration;
  • Written consent of the nominated person to act as a director of the NGO.

Specialists of our company made short work of the abovementioned documents.

The peculiarity of the registration of the given non-governmental organization was associated with the use of the name and surname of the known historical person in the name of the organization. According to part 8 of Article 10 of the Law of Ukraine “On Public Associations”, the name of a public association may contain the name (pseudonym) of a natural person provided that the person or his/her heirs give their prior written consent.

Lawyers of our company held the necessary consultations with the registration authority. Based on the results of these consultations, as well as taking into account the current legislation, our specialists prepared additional documents, which allowed us to realize the will of the founders to use the name and surname of a historical person in the name of their organization. Thus, our company managed to register the non-governmental organization within the standard timeline, regardless of such non-standard conditions.

Thus, the lawyers of our company once again confirmed that they can successfully address any challenging issues, while keeping to the agreed schedule and price of the services.

Publication date: 12/08/2014

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