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Buy a non-governmental organization

Buy a non-governmental organization

What we do

  • select the best possible choice of a non-governmental organization (name, address, activities);
  • carry out the procedure of re-registration (by agreement);
  • make changes to charter of a non-governmental organization (changes of address, if necessary, name and activities);
  • support procedure for obtaining the status of non-profitability by agreement (in case of changing an address or a name of a non-governmental organization).


Non-governmental organization
starts at 600 USD
Public Union
starts at 900 USD

The cost of services for the purchase of a Non-Government Organization does not include the cost of re-registration of an organization.

All the organizations that we sell are absolutely transparent and have no history.

We can provide guarantees that when buying a Non-Government Organization from us, the buyer will not encounter unpleasant hassle later.


Non-governmental organization in the Shevchenko district

Legal form: public union
Registration date: 01.2019
Registration place: Kyiv
Non-profit status: yes
Cost: 12 000 UAH.

Non-governmental organization in the Shevchenko district

Legal form: non-governmental organization
Registration date: 11.2018
Registration place: Kyiv
Non-profit status: yes
Cost: 10 000 UAH.

Non-governmental organization in the Shevchenko district

Legal form: non-governmental organization
Registration date: 11.2018
Registration place: Kyiv
Non-profit status: yes
Cost: 10 000 UAH.


  • plus


    The organizations we sell were registered for the purpose of their subsequent sale. They have never carried out their activities and have no track record.
  • plus


    Ready-made non-profit organizations are often required in a short time to use them for events or grants. We can provide re-organization of the organizatio in the Client’s name in three working days (not counting the day of signing the documents). However, if necessary, we can make changes to the database of the Unified State Register the very next day after signing the documents.
  • plus


    We have organizations that were registered more than a year ago. Often, this is one of the main criteria for participation in grants.
  • plus


    The organizations we sell are located at the addresses available to us. We can receive mail correspondence at them, and if necessary, conclude a sublease agreement in the future. Therefore, when buying an organization from our company, the Client does not need to immediately look for an office and change its location, passport data and ident.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer


  • passport data and ident. numbers of the new members and the company manager
  • information on the new location (if changed)
  • information on the new name (in case of change)


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Important to know

If you are in Kyiv (or you can come to review the documents of a public organization that is for sale), we suggest that you come for a consultation in our office.

In this case, we can provide you with a full package of documents for review and answer all your questions regarding the history of the organization.

As a rule, several organizations, registered at different times and in different districts, are put up for sale. We do not provide lists of identification numbers or names of organizations that are for sale without a deposit. This is due to significant interest from various intermediaries who, without understanding the topic, draw conclusions and take action. We do not want you to buy organizations that have been involved in investigations, television programs, or listed on dozens of sites.


How is a public organization re-registered in the Client’s name?

After receiving payment for a public organization from the Client, our lawyers prepare the necessary documents, send them to the Client for approval and sign them. The next day after signing, we submit documents to the state registrar, and within 3 working days after submission, the corresponding changes are made in the database of the Unified State Register. From this moment on, the Client becomes the full owner of this organization. If necessary, the time period for making changes can be reduced, and the information about the new owner will be listed in the USR database on the day of submission.

What are the guarantees that a public organization that is for sale has no “surprises”?

Firstly, all Non-Government Organizations that we sell were registered by us, in our founders’ and director’s names, for the purpose of their subsequent sale. Therefore, they were "maintained" properly and definitely did not carry out any activities. Secondly, the Client has the opportunity to check the organization that he is going to buy. After making a deposit, we provide the Client with all the information about this organization, in particular the ID number of the organization and its title.

How quickly can a Non-Government Organization be re-registered in the Client’s name?

The maximum speed is three business days or a little more than a day (depending on how fast the Client provides us with information). If the Client turns to us no later than the first half of the working day, we can prepare documents on the same day and arrange for their signing in our office. The next day, we submit documents to the state registrar and, according to the expedited procedure, the same day the changes made in the database of the Unified State Register.

Why is it impossible to register changes on the day the documents are signed?

When re-registering a Non-Government Organization, a change of head occurs. And there cannot be two leaders on one day.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Buy a Non-Government Organization 

uy a Non-Government Organization from our company at a cost starting at 7500 UAH.


We offer Non-Government Organizations of of various kinds that are registered in Kyiv. The districts in which the registration of  Non-Government Organizations in Kyiv took place are also different: Shevchenkovsky, Pechersky, Podolsky, Darnitsky, Goloseevsky and others. You can buy from our company a Non-Government Organization with the All-Ukrainian status and individual local divisions in most regions of Ukraine.  


We can offer Non-Government Organizations registered three or more years ago, as well as newly created ones, those that have been operating for a long time, or absolutely brand new organizations.


In accordance with the current rules, Non-Government Organizations in Ukraine are divided into two types - Non-Government Organizations and Non-Government Unions. Our company can help you buy a Non-Government Organization, and not just a Non-Government Organization, which is, of course, the most common form of a public association.


When selling a Non-Government Organization, our lawyers will prepare the minutes of the Conference, as well as all other documents that are necessary for registration activities to change the governing bodies of a Non-Government Organization, if necessary, we can amend the charter of a Non-Government Organization. However, these services are provided for a fee.


The time frame for re-registration of a Non-Government Organization ranges from one day to a week. Within one day, the minutes of the conference of the Non-Government Organization will be prepared, by which decisions will be made on the appointment of candidates proposed by the Client for senior positions in theNon-Government Organization. From the moment of signing the minutes, the organization is legally transferred to the Client. Over the next four to five business days, our specialists will complete the registration procedures with the justice authorities and the State Registration Service of Ukraine.


Ask for legal advice, we are looking forward to working with you!