Division of property (equitable distribution)

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Division of property in divorce is not always a lengthy trial.

Specialists of our company provide quality legal services to protect the interests of their clients in court disputes on the division of property in divorce.
What we do
  • We conduct a preliminary analysis of the situation and give reasonable legal advice on the division of property of spouses;
  • We prepare claims for division of property;
  • Participation of a lawyer in the court on the division of property of unmarried couples or married couples after divorce;
  • Support for the execution of a court decision on the division of property during divorce (separation). 

More information about the division of property between spouses

There are 2 mechanisms to resolve a divorce property dispute:
  • Mediation (extrajudicial settlement);
  • Division of property by court.
Important to know
  • The property acquired by the spouses during the marriage belongs to the wife and husband on the right of common joint ownership, regardless of the fact that one of them did not have for a good reason (education, household management, child care, illness, etc.) independent earnings (income);
  • The current family and common law establishes that the division of property of spouses acquired during the stay in the officially registered marriage is divided equally between spouses;
  • If the property of the wife or husband during the marriage has significantly increased in value as a result of the common labour or monetary costs or the costs of the other of the spouses, it may, in the event of a dispute, be recognized by a court decision as an object of common joint ownership of the spouses;
  • If one of the spouses participated in the maintenance of the property belonging to the second of the spouses, in the management or care of this property, the income (litter, dividends) received from this property, in the event of a dispute by decision of the court may be recognized as the object of the right of joint ownership of the spouses;
  • In Ukraine, the practice of living for women and men without official registration of marriage relations (social and civil marriage) is widespread, which makes the procedure of division of common property much more complicated (division of property between parties in a domestic relationship).
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Division of property after marriage

The division of joint property of spouses at divorce (Ukraine), for example, apartments or immovable property, as a rule, is engaged in court. But it is possible to divorce without involving judicial authorities in the process.

Division of property after a divorce by husband and wife - emotionally and psychologically complicated process. In which, of course, do not want to involve strangers.

On the other hand, it often happens that without the help of these strangers, to solve the conflict amicably or at least so that the result satisfied both parties - it is impossible.

Our lawyers can defend your opinion and wishes in court. But we would like to offer another option for solving the conflict.

What to know about the division of property

We recommend that you start the divorce resolution process with an out-of-court settlement. This way of divorce dispute resolution saves you time and money.

The practice of mediation in Ukraine shows that 73% of disputes in its use, end up with a successful settlement of the conflict. It is because of this positive practice that we recommend this option to our Clients, leaving the "classic" judicial settlement of the dispute as a fallback (for the remaining 27%). Key factors that create a positive practice of mediation:
  • Having experience in property litigation, we can explain to the parties the most probable outcome of the litigation in their particular case, which helps the participants of mediation to tune in to a constructive dialogue;
  • We engage the most experienced mediators in out-of-court settlements, who turn the theoretical advantages of mediation into practical ones.
At the same time, your time and material costs of mediation in case of division of property by spouses during the divorce will be several times lower than in the court process. In some cases, we can conduct mediation free of charge, within the framework of joint activities of Pro Bono and our partners - the Ukrainian Mediation Center at Kyiv-Mohyla Business School and the Mediation Development Coalition in Ukraine.

Therefore, you can apply to us with a request to conduct mediation on your dispute free of charge or for the division of property management. We draw up the property agreement in writing and certify it notarized, so they have legal force.
Divorce is an unpleasant process.

If You wish to learn more about the division of property agreement or just get through the whole process with minimum involvement - contact us!

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