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Legalization of unauthorized construction

Legalization of unauthorized construction

What we do

  • Provide legal support during a technical inspection of the building for its compliance with state standards, construction norms and rules, fire safety regulations, sanitary legislation in force at the time of the construction completion;
  • Provide legal support during an inventory carried out by the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) and issuing of technical passport for a house;
  • Submit and obtain documents confirming the completion of the real estate construction;
  • Provide assistance in further registration of ownership rights to the real estate;
  • Provide assistance in obtaining the commissioning certificate (act).


Legalization of an unauthorized construction
30 c.u./sq.m.

We can tell you specific time limits and price of the unauthorized construction legalization only after we receive full information about the construction site and study the Client’s situation. 

For this purpose, we usually offer our Clients a preliminary consultation with our lawyers.

The legislation regulating the construction sector in Ukraine is unfortunately incomplete and unclear. This causes a number of practical problems when trying to legitimize unauthorized construction in Ukraine.

For example: the documents are processed by regulatory authorities for a too long period of time, constant and unreasonable refusals, etc.


  • plus

    Experience of cooperation and interaction with regulatory authorities

    Our company’s lawyers have been providing legal services in the construction field for many years. Therefore, we can offer and implement the solution of any legal issues in this direction, regardless of their complexity, duration and other factors.
  • plus

    We provide legal support and assistance in legalization of the construction site at all stages

    We can either do all the paperwork for our Client, or provide a consulting support. Our experienced lawyers can also point out and help to prevent any problematic issues that may arise.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Required documents

  • Technical documents
  • Documents confirming the ownership rights
  • Declaration of the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate (SACI)

A complete list of documents for legalization of an unauthorized construction:

  • A copy and original of the technical passport;
  • A copy and original of the state certificate on the land plot;
  • A copy and original of the SACI declaration;
  • Copies of the passport and the identification code of the individual;
  • A document confirming payment of the state fee;
  • A document confirming the assignment of a land plot address;
  • An application for registration. 
You can start working with us even if you don’t have all the abovementioned documents. We can provide the contacts of the necessary technical specialists and monitor their actions for the Client. We can also take all the necessary actions to ensure safe use of your real estate in the future.


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Important to know

The above list of documents for the legalization of  an unauthorized construction shall be submitted to legalize construction through state authorities. 

Besides, you can legalize an unauthorized construction through the court. As a rule, this option is less reliable and more economical. 

The thing is that the court can recognize the ownership rights to the residential property, but cannot put it into operation. This may cause additional costs.


Can I sell a house (a residential property) without legitimizing and commencing it?

No. There are no legal mechanisms for such a procedure at this time. However, if you contact our lawyers, they will all help you pass all stages within the shortest possible time.

How to determine the date of completion of the unauthorized construction?

In fact, the date can be determined by the real estate developer. There are no other ways to determine the completion of construction.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


A residential house, building, structure or other real estate property is considered an unauthorized construction, if they are built or are under construction on the land plot not allocated for this purpose, or without a proper permit or duly approved project, or with a material breach of construction norms and regulations.

What risks does a failure to legalize unauthorized construction entail?
  • In case of complaints, the court may decide to dismantle such a construction project;
  • Unauthorized construction can’t be sold, donated or disposed in any other way as a real estate property. All these actions can be taken only after the registration of the ownership rights to the unauthorized construction.
Remember that the procedure of legalization of the unauthorized construction is individual and depends on many factors:
  • Availability of documents for the land plot;
  • The area of the self-construction object;
  • Compliance of the constructed object with the construction norms and regulations;
  • Purpose of the construction object;
  • Year of the construction start and completion;
  • Availability of documents at the real estate developer or their complete absence, etc.

Legalization of an unauthorized construction (a squatter development) in Ukraine

To legalize an unauthorized construction, or as it is often called a squatter development, in Ukraine is a troublesome thing.

However, a qualified expert in this field can help properly legalize an unauthorized construction or even several unauthorized constructions. Our practical experience shows that comprehensive knowledge in related areas of law allows a broader view of the case, which, in turn, makes it possible to find the best solution faster and more effective. 

Our firm has been working in the legal services market for more than 10 years and our lawyers have extensive experience in addressing such issues.

When cooperating with us, you can be sure of the result, because our main goal is to make the solution of any legal issues simple, safe and efficient. What does it mean?

We see two aspects of problem solving through simplicity:

  • Optimal solution of the task. This means that we use all our experience to find the easiest and at the same time the most effective solution that will help to win a case without additional costs.
  • Simple explanation. We try to convey maximum information to our Clients through preliminary consultations, during which we discuss the details of the case, as well as try to elaborate on our future actions in a simple and accessible way.
Safety is ensured by our lawyers’ thorough knowledge of the laws and a proactive risk analysis. We always focus on your main goal, rather than on one task.

The effectiveness is achieved through in-depth legal expertise of our specialists, as well as extensive practical experience in communicating with state authorities.

If you want to learn more about the procedure for legalization of an unauthorized construction and its price, please contact our company’s specialists in any way convenient for you.