Legalization of unauthorized construction

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30 c.u./sq.m.
Legalization of an unauthorized construction
Legalization of unauthorized construction
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What we offer

  • Provide legal support of the procedure of technical inspection of the construction for compliance with the state standards, building rules and regulations, fire safety regulations and other legal requirements;
  • Provide legal assistance with an inventory carried out by the BTI (Bureau of Technical Inventory) and obtainment of technical data sheets for the construction;
  • Submit documents confirming the completion of the real estate construction;
  • Provide assistance with registration of ownership rights to the real estate;
  • Obtain the commissioning certificate (act).


Documents required

List of documents
Technical documents
Technical documents
Documents confirming the ownership rights
Documents confirming the ownership rights
Declaration of the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate (SACI)
Declaration of the State Architecture and Construction Inspectorate (SACI)

Documents required to legalize an authorized construction:

  • A copy and original of the construction data sheet;
  • A copy and original of the state certificate on the land plot;
  • A copy and original of the SACI declaration;
  • Copies of the passport and the identification code of the individual;
  • A document confirming payment of the state fee;
  • A document confirming the assignment of a land plot address;
  • An application for registration.

We can start our cooperation even if you don’t have all the abovementioned documents. We, for example, cooperate with the necessary technical specialists and monitor their actions without your participation.

We can name the exact period and price of the service only after the thorough study of the Client’s case. For this purpose, we usually offer our Clients a preliminary consultation, where we study their documents and provide them with all the information they may need during the unauthorized construction legalization.

The most common problems arising during the unauthorized construction legalization include too long examination of documents by regulatory authorities, constant and unreasonable refusals, etc.

Timely legal assistance will both speed up the procedure, and make the whole process more comfortable for you.

Why us

Experience of cooperation and interaction with regulatory authorities
Experience of cooperation and interaction with regulatory authorities
Our company’s lawyers have been providing legal services in the construction field for many years. Therefore, we can offer and implement the solution of any legal issues in this direction, regardless of their complexity, duration and other factors.
We provide legal support and assistance in legalization of the construction site at all stages
We provide legal support and assistance in legalization of the construction site at all stages
Our experienced lawyers can also point out and help to prevent any problematic issues that may arise.

We are ready to help you!

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It’s worth remembering that an unauthorized construction can be legalized both through state authorities (the list of documents mentioned above is intended for this option) and through the court.

Legalization of an authorized construction through the court is usually a less reliable and more time-consuming process. The court can recognize the ownership rights to the construction, but it can’t commission it, and this may lead to additional money and time expenditures.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I sell a house (a residential property) without legitimizing and commencing it?

No. There are no legal mechanisms for such a procedure at this time. However, if you contact our lawyers, they will all help you pass all stages within the shortest possible time.

How to determine the date of completion of the unauthorized construction?

In fact, the date can be determined by the real estate developer. There are no other ways to determine the completion of construction.

What is an authorized construction?

A residential house, building, construction, which:

  • is built or under construction on the land plot not allocated for this purpose;
  • is built without proper permit or duly approved project;
  • has been constructed in material breach of building norms and regulations.

What are the risks of a failure to properly legalize unauthorized construction?

If the court receives any complaints about the construction, it may decide to dismantle such construction.

You won’t be able to sell, present or otherwise dispose of the unauthorized construction as a property until it is legalized.

Legalization of an unauthorized construction in Ukraine

It’s quite difficult to legalize an unauthorized construction in Ukraine, as the legalization procedure is absolutely unique for each individual case. It’s worth remembering that the result is influenced by such factors as:

  • Availability of documents for the land plot;
  • The area of the unauthorized construction;
  • Compliance of the constructed object with the building norms and regulations;
  • Purpose of the construction object;
  • Year of the construction start and completion;
  • Availability or lack of documents at the real estate developer, etc.

Our practical experience shows that comprehensive knowledge of related areas of law allows a broader view of the case, which, in turn, allows to find the best possible solution faster and more effective.

If you want to learn more about the procedure for the unauthorized construction legalization and its price, please contact our company’s specialists in any way convenient for you.

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