Legal services

Our goal is to make legal matters SIMPLE. 

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How we achieve this:

1. We clearly understand the expectations of our clients. You can express yours by filling in the questionnaire.
2. We highlight the standard procedures, each of which we work on as a conveyor.
3. We try to start with legal advice, the benefits of which for you ... (hereinafter).

Our "Standard procedures"

Our experience allows us to offer our clients an alternative to hourly payment for legal services - our standard procedures.
The standard procedure is a legal service that has a clearly predictable result, a specific scope of work, the agreed cost and time beforehand.

We offer the following types of standard procedures:


Where an individual approach to a solution is required that we have not yet been able to standardize, we work within the framework of key our practices:

The cost of an hour of work of the lawyer is from 70 USD.