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Legal representation in Ukraine

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legal representation - legal service in Kiev, Ukraine

As our experience shows in some cases a special action must be performed that is the required service by itself or without which it’s impossible to make a decision about directions and terms of further services.

This is exactly why we chose legal representation to be a separate standardized procedure with fixed price – 800 UAH.

The price was set based on the fact that representation usually requires not more than 3 hours of lawyer’s working time and no partner’s participation.
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Additional information about our services of legal representation

Client’s representation as standardized procedure consists of lawyer’s participation in a particular process on behalf and in the interest of a Client, both with Client or without him.

It is worth mentioning that representation includes preparation for it as well (analysis of documents and situation, staff instructing etc.).

We do not take up every single case of representation, but if we do agree to, you can be sure the job will be done at the top level.

  • Founder and Chief Editor M. Aristov , "Geoprofil" magazine
    We would like to recommend this firm which provides legal services professionally and in a timely manner
  • Director V. Sokolenko, LLC "Agromilk"
    In turn lawyers of the Law firm ''Pravova Dopomoga" do not only act quickly in regard to our requests but also understand the very process of conduction of activities
  • Director G. Smirnov, LLC "Olvita"
    LLC "Olvita" expresses its gratitude to law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" for highly professional advices provided by your experts on legal issues
  • General Manager V. Volodchenko , Private Company "Etalon BUD"
    Also we want to note the firm’s effectiveness in pre-trial settlement of conflicts as well as competence and professionalism during representation and protection of interests in relations with the law enforcement bodies, within judicial and enforcement proceedings
  • Director V. Kovernyk, LLC "Company "VNA"
    We highly appreciate quality of your work in regard to minimization of legal risks for our business as well as your ability to deal with controversial situations arising from interaction with controlling authorities
  • Director A. Sorokin, LLC "ADREM"
    Our experience of work with Law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" allows to assert that lawyers of the firm do not only possess professional qualities but also are ready to listen and understand Client needs
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