Legal support of Internet projects in Ukraine

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Cost of services:

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Legal support of the Internet project
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What we offer

  • Determine whether there is a direct legal regulation of the sphere of your Internet project;
  • Help you choose a contractual model with contractors for your Internet project, analyze current documents and relationships for legality and possible risks;
  • Provide legal support for tax issues of your Internet projects. We help with calculation and estimation of tax burden;
  • Provide legal support of personal data protection at the enterprise for your Internet project;
  • Help to establish relations between the owners of the project;
  • Help with legal support of raising funds for your Internet project;
  • Help with the correct execution of intellectual property rights;
  • In future, we can provide accounting and legal support for your Internet project business.


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Description of the project

Most Internet projects require an individual approach. Therefore, it is quite difficult to determine exactly what we need from the Client.

However, if we are talking about the Internet project from scratch, we usually recommend starting with consultations. Also, the Clients often come to us with ready questions on specific areas of the Internet project.

Over 15 years of legal practice in the market we have often dealt with completely different online platforms and Internet projects.

For example, we have worked with projects in the following areas of Internet business development:

  • marketplace;
  • crowdinvesting and crowdfunding;
  • online stores;
  • P2P lending;
  • online casino;
  • online gaming platforms (Steam, Direct2Drive, GamersGate, EA Store).
This list is not limited, because we know that Internet projects are often projects that also need protection, such as intellectual property rights protection.

In addition to legal support of the process of launching an Internet project, we can also provide accounting and legal support of your project. 

Also, we can help you with conducting your business according to the outstaffing model by providing you with our director, legal address, company, formalizing labor relations, salary project, etc. so that the actual communication with your employees will be our responsibility.

Why us

We have experience in running large business projects on a turnkey basis
By now our lawyers have already dealt with several Internet projects, including foreign ones. In other words, we know what problems your Internet project may be faced with and know how to avoid them.
Full range of legal services
We can help not only with legal support of your project, but also offer services of our accountant, who will take over all the reporting and other financial accounting issues.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected], by phone number +38 044 499 47 99or by filling out the form:

Usually, the two most popular issues related to the legal support of the Internet project are issues of intellectual property rights: their transfer and protection, as well as issues of tax optimization and reduction of the tax burden.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to legally do business on the Internet?

For the existence of your Internet project to be lawful, you must first register a legal entity or sole proprietorship. But first you need to choose the most optimal tax system for yourself.

Is it legal to create a website in Ukraine and provide services abroad?

Yes, it is absolutely legal, but you should take into account the fact that your counterparties can often ask for confirmation of the legality of your business and request from you documents confirming the legal existence of your business.

What is the best choice for starting a foreign company’s Internet project: LLC or a foreign representative office?

The fact is that there is no universal answer to this question. Everything depends on the individual plan of your project. Both an LLC and a foreign representative office has a number of pros and cons. For example, different taxation procedures, registration of labor relations, etc.

Do I need to publish a public offer on the website if it is an Internet project that sells by phone or other means, and the website is used only for promotion?

Yes. The public offer is needed for almost any Internet project, regardless of the means of sale.

Legal support of Internet projects all over Ukraine and abroad

In addition to providing legal support to Ukrainian projects, we are often contacted by non-residents, including representatives of well-known foreign companies, with personnel or tax issues.

When launching Internet projects, you need to consider many factors and areas of responsibility. For example, the sale of goods implies many different actions at once: purchase, delivery from the manufacturer, online sale to the consumer, delivery to the consumer. Each part of the action requires properly formalized contractual relationships or optimization of such activities in a certain way so that it was legal, combining some of the actions together.

Do you want to start or expand your Internet project in Ukraine? Give us a call! We will help you with legal registration and consulting of your Internet project.

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