Remote Real Estate Transactions (Sale, Gift, Inheritance)

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from 250 USD
Documents Audit
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Remote Real Estate Transactions (Sale, Gift, Inheritance)
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What we offer

  • Recording property information in the Ukrainian registry;

  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements for real estate documents;

  • Comprehensive preparation of documents for property transactions (such as sales, exchanges, and donations) handled remotely on your behalf;

  • Representation of sellers or buyers through power of attorney for real estate transactions in Ukraine;

  • Assistance with organizing, documenting, and representing clients in inheritance procedures related to real estate;

  • Protection of property rights for real estate in Ukraine against unauthorized actions by third parties;

  • Facilitating the registration of land ownership rights (from plot formation to registry entry);

  • Legal support for obtaining permits for construction, reconstruction, and changes in the functional purpose of premises.

Our advantages:

We specialize in the remote alienation of real estate (sales, gifts, inheritance) and the remote restoration of ownership documents in Ukraine. Sale or purchase of real estate in Ukraine on a turnkey basis: a full range of services includes an action plan, an in-depth inspection of the object, selection of a notary, preparation of documents and even remote sale.

All additional services in one place:

  • registration of inheritance;
  • TIN and migration services for foreigners;
  • optimization of taxation;
  • optimization of taxes through the authorized capital of the LLC;
  • withdrawal of funds abroad, etc.

We will help solve problems with the real estate itself before the deal:

  • obtaining a technical passport, BTI permit, carrying out an expert assessment of real estate;
  • legalization of reconstruction, change of purpose;
  • working with the bank for non-cash settlement;
  • objects of cultural heritage;
  • we solve the issue of land, profitable territory;
  • redevelopment of buildings, legalization of self-build, construction amnesty, privatization, etc.


Required documents

List of documents
Title Deed
Title Deed
Extract from the State Register of Property
Extract from the State Register of Property
Technical Passport
Technical Passport

What is the disposal of real estate in Ukraine?

The term "disposal of real estate" in Ukraine refers to the act of carrying out actions on behalf of the property owner through a power of attorney. These actions can include selling, gifting, inheriting, or bringing documents into compliance with the requirements of the current legislation. We recommend considering the disposal of real estate in the following situations:

  • If you wish to sell or gift your property while being abroad.
  • If you need to handle inheritance matters but are unable to do so independently.
  • If you want to remotely manage processes such as property reconstruction, changing its purpose or functional designation.

What to do with real estate in Ukraine if you are abroad?

If you're currently living abroad but own property in Ukraine, you may be wondering what options you have. Some people choose to wait until they return, leaving their property untouched. However, there are situations where individuals decide to, for instance, sell their property without taking risks with their assets and finances.

So, is it possible to sell, gift, or even inherit property in Ukraine without returning to the country? Absolutely. Representing the interests of owners who are abroad in matters related to property sales or other actions doesn't require the owner's physical presence in Ukraine. Our team of experienced lawyers can handle everything remotely and efficiently.

We have successfully assisted with individual procedures for selling houses and apartments in Kyiv and the Kyiv region on behalf of Ukrainian citizens currently residing in Canada, the United States, Europe, and even other regions within Ukraine.

Here's another example: The director of a company was abroad. We have dealt with land plot formation and the execution of lease agreements for commercial real estate. These actions enable owners of commercial properties in Ukraine to seize profit opportunities without delay.

Service packages offers

from 250 USD
  • Audit of property ownership documents: certificates of ownership or documents under which the person acquired ownership.
  • Verification of real estate against all registers and open sources.
  • Verification of property rights registration at the State Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI); cross-checking of technical passports with the Unified State Electronic System in the Construction Sector.
  • Audit of land plot documents: state acts, certificates, agreements, verification of data about the plot in the land cadastre.
  • Verification of property rights in registers.
  • Verification of the existence of other persons' rights on the property (co-owners, heirs, etc.).
  • Checking the owner/co-owner through court registers, mortgage registers, debtor registers, and for the presence of tax liens.
  • Analysis of taxes on the sale, donation, or inheritance of real estate; strategies for tax minimization.
  • Verification of mandatory conditions in purchase and sale agreements, donation agreements, or wills (upon the client's request).
  • A written checklist with a list of missing documents from the client, with conclusions and recommendations on their procurement (upon the client's request).
Documents and Agreement
Documents and Agreement
from 1250 USD
  • Services from the Audit Package

Additionally included in the package:

  • Preparation of purchase and donation agreements
  • Updating property documents or technical passports as needed
  • Coordination of independent property appraisals prior to sale
  • Removal of registered individuals from the property address
  • Obtaining extracts from the registries for the transaction
  • Arrangement for notary appointments and preparation of all required documents for the transaction

*The package price does not cover notary fees, translation services, or any additional costs associated with document procurement. Specific costs will be determined for each client based on the analysis of their individual case.


from 1700 USD
  • Services from the Documents Package

Additional services in the package:

  • Preparation of power of attorney, and spouse consent forms (if needed), particularly useful if the client is abroad
  • Coordination with banks for the transfer of funds
  • Development and client approval of the terms for purchase, donation, or exchange agreements
  • Representation of the client's interests at the notary's office.
  • Organization of notarial actions, preparation and submission of document packages to the notary, and legal support for the transaction
  • Acting on behalf of the client during the signing of the agreement (if necessary)


* The package price does not cover notary fees or any additional expenses. Specific costs will be determined for each client based on the analysis of their individual case.


Gift Deed
Gift Deed
from 900 USD
  • Property ownership documents audit: verifying ownership certificates or documents through which the individual acquired ownership rights
  • Comprehensive property checks across all relevant registries and open sources, and verification of property rights registration with the Bureau of Technical Inventory (BTI)
  • Coordination of independent property valuation prior to gifting (if required)
  • Verification of property rights in registries regarding other individuals’ rights over the property (co-owners, heirs, etc.), and the necessity of obtaining their consent
  • Tax calculations, and recommendations for minimizing tax liabilities
  • Deregistration of individuals registered at the property's address
  • Entry of data into the Registry, obtaining registry extracts for the transaction, and preparing necessary documents
  • Preparation of a power of attorney for remote transaction handling
  • Development and agreement on the contract terms with the client
  • Representation of the client’s interests at the notary’s office
  • Organization and legal support of the transaction at the notary’s office.
  • Acting on behalf of the client during the agreement signing via power of attorney (if necessary) 

* The package price does not cover notary fees or any additional expenses. Specific costs will be determined for each client based on the analysis of their individual case.

Transferring Funds Abroad
Transferring Funds Abroad
From 900 USD

This service is provided in two stages, each billed separately.


  • Analysis of the client’s situation and consultation on fund export from Ukraine.
  • Development of possible fund export methods based on the individual case

Stage 2: (cost finalized based on the outcomes of Stage 1)

  • Risk assessment (including taxes and other considerations) based on Ukrainian and foreign laws
  • Assistance with gathering and preparing documents proving the source of funds
  • Drafting a power of attorney, agreements, and other legal documents, including organizing notarization (bilingual documents or apostille and translation if needed)
  • Verification of bank documents, receipts, and statements
  • Drafting of customs declarations for the export of funds from Ukraine, the import of funds into a foreign country, and transit through a foreign country
  • Official request to the State Border Guard Service for clarification on required documents for exporting a specific amount of funds (if necessary)


Fund Source Verification (Legalization)
Fund Source Verification (Legalization)
from 600 USD

This service is provided in two stages, each billed separately.

Stage 1: 

  • Analyzing the client’s case and providing a consultation on fund source verification
  • Determining the steps needed, the scope of the lawyer’s responsibilities, and estimating costs

Stage 2: (cost finalized based on the outcomes of Stage 1)

  • Examining documents proving the source of funds
  • Verifying documents for compliance with banking requirements and laws of the destination country
  • Preparing drafts of documents proving the source of funds, including loans and service payments (bilingual documents and agreements with foreign counterparts)
  • Organizing the legalization of documents for use in foreign jurisdictions, including apostille, translation, and notarization
  • Reviewing and verifying the accuracy and validity of bank and notarized documents
  • Calculating tax liabilities and other obligations, including addressing issues related to double taxation
  • Evaluating risks and developing strategies for their mitigation
Remote Inheritance
Remote Inheritance
from 1,200 USD

This service is provided in two stages, each billed separately

Stage 1: 

  • Analysis of the client's situation and provision of advice
  • Determination of steps for case support, scope of lawyer's obligations, and estimation of future costs

Stage 2: (cost finalized based on the outcomes of Stage 1)

  • Preparation of inheritance documents, including a power of attorney (bilingual if needed)
  • Coordination for initiating the inheritance process with a notary in Kyiv
  • Organization of independent property appraisal
  • Calculation of tax liabilities
  • Support throughout the inheritance process and obtaining relevant documentation
  • Remote representation of the client's interests at the notary
  • Oversight of inheritance acceptance and property re-registration
  • Acquisition of the certificate of inheritance rights
  • Acting on behalf of the client under power of attorney during legal proceedings
  • Delivery of all pertinent documents to the client


* The package price does not cover notary fees or any additional expenses. Specific costs will be determined for each client based on the analysis of their individual case.


Power of Attorney for Property Management in Ukraine

To authorize someone to handle any matters concerning your property in Ukraine, you will need a power of attorney.

Even if you, as the property owner, are residing abroad, it is possible to prepare and issue such a power of attorney.

The power of attorney identifies the property and outlines the authorized person's powers, such as sale, donation, exchange, and other necessary actions, along with the agreed price and payment terms.

You have the flexibility to grant broad or specific powers to the authorized person, as specified in the power of attorney (*for instance, you can authorize them to sell the property on your behalf at a price not less than….*___* UAH).

Once we understand your requirements, we will prepare draft versions of the power of attorney and send them to you for signing. With our team, you can remotely undertake any form of property alienation—from sales to inheritances, gifts, or exchanges.

Documents Required for Property Transactions in Ukraine

The documents necessary for managing your property in Ukraine while you are abroad will vary based on the specific actions you intend to take with the property.

For sale, donation, or exchange, the following documents are typically required:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Title documents (certificate, contract, state deed, court decision, etc.)
  • Extract from the State Register of Real Property Rights
  • Technical passport of the property
  • Expert property appraisal
  • Consent from co-owners/spouse (in specific cases)
  • Approval from guardianship and trusteeship authorities
  • Other documents relevant to your specific situation

For inheritance proceedings, the required documents include:

  • Heir's application
  • Documents confirming the relationship with the deceased
  • Will (if available)
  • Title documents of the inherited property (if available)
  • Power of Attorney

To verify the authenticity of property documents, the following are typically needed:

  • Owner's passport and taxpayer identification number (TIN)
  • Any available documents held by the property owner

This list is not exhaustive, and the exact document requirements may vary depending on your unique circumstances. For example, the document requirements may vary depending on the stage of the inheritance process. If you have lost property ownership documents, our lawyers can remotely restore them, ensuring the collection of all necessary documents and their presentation to the appropriate state authorities.

Procedure for Transferring Property Ownership in Ukraine

When we discuss 'disposition' in legal terms, it refers to the alienation of property rights (such as sale, gift, or inheritance). The property owner delegates these rights via a power of attorney for real estate transactions. If you're looking to transfer ownership of a property in Ukraine, particularly through a sale, donation, or exchange, the process involves granting a power of attorney. This legal document authorizes another person to act on your behalf. For those interested in handling estates or leasing properties in Ukraine, such authority can be designated in the power of attorney.

To facilitate the sale of your real estate, for instance, we assist our clients with the necessary preparations and oversee the entire sales process. Once the appropriate time arrives, we provide you with a draft of the power of attorney and await your approval. Within the designated validity period, we take the required actions to transfer ownership of the property.

For matters related to inheritance procedures or property leasing in Ukraine, a trusted representative can act on your behalf using a power of attorney with an extended validity period.

Please note! You retain the right to revoke or transfer the power of attorney to another individual at any time.

Cost of Services for Property Disposal in Ukraine

The cost of our services will depend on the extent of assistance you require. You can find detailed information about our service packages on our website. Here, we will provide you with an approximate breakdown of additional expenses that you may encounter. You will receive a comprehensive cost estimate before finalizing any payment for our services.

Potential additional expenses may include:

  • Power of Attorney in Ukraine: 800-1000 UAH
  • Property Disposal Agreement (Notarial services): 8000-10000 UAH + government fees and taxes
  • Registration in the Real Estate Registries in Ukraine: starting from 2500 UAH
  • Power of Attorney issued abroad: 0-300 (depending on the country). This typically involves consulate or local notary fees and document processing.

Please be aware that there might be other incidental expenses specific to your situation, which we will discuss with you once we have a clear understanding of your property-related requirements and desired outcomes.

Why us

Turnkey Solution
Turnkey Solution
When you engage our services, you'll receive an all-inclusive solution. No need to rely on relatives or acquaintances to handle your real estate matters.
Extensive Experience
Extensive Experience
We bring over 16 years of experience in the Ukrainian market. Our dedicated team of at least 5 professionals will be fully committed to your case.
Security and Compliance
Security and Compliance
We prioritize speed and strict adherence to the prevailing legal framework. Given the increasing number of fraudulent activities in the real estate sector, it's crucial to be diligent in selecting your partners. We invite you to verify our credibility through the multitude of positive reviews from our satisfied clients.

We are ready to help you!

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Our successful projects

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Do you need to travel to Ukraine to address property matters?

As the owner, you have the option to personally visit Ukraine for the purpose of signing contracts (such as buying, exchanging, or gifting property) and completing financial transactions. However, if you prefer not to travel, rest assured that all these property-related actions can be carried out without your physical presence.

The only situations that may require your presence are certain cases involving the legal issuance of documents for minors or, for example, for men during times of martial law.

We understand the importance of your objectives and the legal procedures involved. Right from the beginning, we will provide you with comprehensive information about the process, timelines, and costs associated with handling your specific property matters.

What challenges might arise when alienating property remotely and how can they be addressed from abroad?

1. Verification of Property Rights. 

Information about the right to property needs to be verified in the State Register of Real Property Rights. This register has been active since January 1, 2013, and contains all real property rights transacted from this date forward. Rights established prior to this date are recognized as valid without registration in this register, provided they were registered according to the law in effect at the time they were established. However, to alienate property, one must obtain an extract from this register that includes information about these rights. This extract can be obtained remotely via power of attorney.

2. Updating the Technical Passport.

Traditionally, the technical passport of a property is not updated by owners once property rights have been transferred. However, updating this is necessary if you plan to alienate the property, which becomes complicated if the owners reside abroad. Our specialists can facilitate this process remotely and update this document accordingly.

3. Deregistration of Individuals.

Before alienating any real property, it often becomes necessary to deregister all individuals who have their residence registered at the property. This is particularly true if the property is owned by one person but inhabited by others. Our legal firm can address this issue by obtaining a power of attorney from the property owner and carrying out all necessary deregistration procedures.

Can a foreigner inherit property in Ukraine remotely?

Yes, foreigners can inherit property in Ukraine remotely. Our law firm offers comprehensive legal support for this process through a power of attorney, which includes initiating a notarial case, representing the client in all relevant authorities (such as registration offices and BTI for obtaining a technical passport), and coordinating with a notary.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How to arrange a power of attorney abroad for managing property in Ukraine?

The procedure depends on the country where you currently reside. Before issuing a power of attorney, it's crucial to review the property documents to ensure accurate inclusion of the necessary services, authorities, and institutions involved in such authorization, along with specifying the extent of authority for the intended actions. Typically, you can obtain a power of attorney either through the consulate in your country of residence or by engaging a local notary. If you choose the latter option, the power of attorney will need to be translated and legalized according to the prescribed procedures (apostille or consular legalization).

How to transfer funds when selling real estate?

As the standard approach, funds in real estate transactions are typically transferred through a bank account established in Ukraine. However, considering various circumstances, such as the current state of martial law, alternative methods may come into play. Some cases even involve the utilization of cryptocurrencies. We treat each situation individually to devise a clear and secure process for receiving funds.

How to sell an apartment in Ukraine while being abroad?

You can do so remotely by granting us power of attorney. We'll take care of all the necessary steps, from document preparation to guiding you through the agreement process.

Recently, we assisted a client residing in Canada who wanted to sell her house in the Kyiv region. Since she couldn't be physically present in Ukraine to handle the apartment sale, prepare the required documents, or be present with a notary during the signing of the purchase agreement, we provided comprehensive support every step of the way.

The key stages involved in selling your property remotely in Ukraine:

  • We thoroughly analyze the documents you provide and ensure they meet the requirements for signing the agreement.
  • We determine the necessary actions to expedite the preparation of the apartment sale documents.
  • We consult with you to establish the authorized actions for which you grant us power of attorney.
  • Our team remotely prepares all the required documents for selling your apartment in Ukraine.
  • We collaborate with you to agree on the sale price, payment terms, and any additional conditions that may arise based on the specific situation.
  • Once the transaction is completed, we deliver the finalized documents to you.

Can you inherit property in Ukraine while living abroad?

Absolutely!. All you need to do is get in touch with a notary or a consular office in your current country of residence. They will assist you in submitting an inheritance acceptance statement and granting a power of attorney for handling inheritance matters. With these documents in hand, we'll take care of everything on your behalf, contacting a notary in Ukraine, initiating the inheritance process, and ensuring that all the necessary documents are properly presented.

Once the deadline for accepting the inheritance has passed, you can simply reach out to the notary to obtain a certificate confirming your acceptance. You can do this either right after the 6-month period following the testator's passing or whenever it's most convenient for you. The notary will be able to provide you with the official certificate of inheritance acceptance.

Protecting your real estate in Ukraine while you're residing abroad

Owners can protect their property from illegal activities by ensuring that their documents comply with the requirements of the current legislation. One effective method is to register their property rights in the electronic registry, which serves as a form of collateral.

Let's consider this: paper documents can be easily manipulated or counterfeited by dishonest individuals. However, when owners register their property information in the electronic registry, the chances of unauthorized actions involving their real estate are greatly reduced. It's particularly important to take precautions during times of conflict, as the risk of physically losing paper documents significantly rises. Hence, if you lose your physical documents, the information regarding your property rights will remain securely stored in the registry, avoiding the vulnerabilities associated with paper records.

If you currently reside abroad, we can prepare the necessary paperwork and register all the details of your property in the electronic registry on your behalf. All we need from you is a power of attorney and the relevant property documents.

So, if you're currently abroad but want to ensure the well-being of your property in Ukraine, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help! With our assistance, remote alienation of real estate—from sales to inheritance and gifts—is straightforward and reliable.

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