CFC: Submission of notification and report in Ukraine

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from 400 USD
from 1200 USD
Report CFC
from 1500 USD
CFC optimization
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What we offer

  • we determine the tax residency of an individual and whether the obligation to declare and pay taxes from a CFC really arises in Ukraine (or maybe in another country, given the relocation of an individual to another country in connection with the war);
  • determine the number of CFCs held by the individual controller and resolve the issue regarding the possibility of exempting the CFC from taxation in Ukraine;
  • we advise on the taxation of controlled foreign companies in Ukraine: we help to correctly identify the controller, we advise on the possibility of applying tax exemption, we help to calculate the tax base and predict the tax payable in Ukraine (subject to applicable legal adjustments), we inform about the obligations of the controller ( including preparation and submission of CFC reports), etc.;
  • we help to prepare and submit a notice of controlled foreign companies (submitted within 60 days from the date of the establishment of a CFC, change in the share in a CFC, change in the format of control over a CFC, liquidation of a CFC, etc.);
  • we help with filling out and submitting a CFC report (submitted before May 1 of each year following the reporting one);
  • we help with filling out and filing an abbreviated CFC report (submitted if it is not possible to file a full CFC report or if the deadlines for preparing the company's financial statements do not coincide with the deadlines for filing a declaration in Ukraine);
  • assistance with the submission of an updated or new reporting report on the CFC.
We also provide support services / annual maintenance of foreign companies, accompany the opening of bank accounts, the preparation and maintenance of financial statements.


Service packages offers

from 400 USD
  • introductory consultation
  • determination of tax residency of an individual
  • analysis of documents of a foreign company and preparation for filling out the notification
  • filling out a notice of CFC based on the registration data of the client's company, including in the taxpayer's electronic cabinet
*the cost of the package is calculated for submitting a message for 1 participant, if there are more participants, the package will be calculated individually
Report of CFC
from 1200 USD
  • consultation
  • determination of the tax residency of an individual
  • analysis of corporate documents and financial statements of an individual
  • analysis of operations of a foreign company in the reporting period (analysis of primary documentation), in order to determine whether it is necessary to make adjustments to the financial result of the CFC
  • calculation of the CFC tax base, forecast for tax payable
  • filling out the declaration and submitting the declaration
  • submission of an abbreviated report on the CFC (if the financial periods of the CFC do not coincide with the deadlines for filing a declaration in Ukraine for an individual, or if there are no financial statements of the CFC as of the date of filing the declaration)
  • submission of an updated CFC report (if incorrect reporting was submitted on time)
  • submission of a new reporting report on the CFC (if a report with errors was submitted, but the deadline for filing a report on the CFC has not yet passed)
  • tax payment control
CFC optimization
from 1500 USD
  • consultation
  • determination of the tax residence of an individual (especially for individuals who left Ukraine in connection with the war) in order to find out whether they are really subject to Ukrainian rules on CFCs
  • audit of all foreign companies, analysis of their functional load in order to identify unnecessary companies
  • support in the liquidation of unnecessary CFCs
  • business model restructuring
  • restructuring of CFC ownership
  • change of tax residence of an individual

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