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Mediation in employment abroad before the war was a sought-after activity, which, unfortunately, was largely put on hold for most of 2022. This is also due to the fact that many simply left the country, without any mediation in finding employment. Just like refugees.
Licenses for this type of activity were also not issued for a long time, but it was possible to work by submitting a declaration of commencement of work, as with many types of licenses. Only in the fall of 2022, the issuance of licenses resumed, however, you can work according to the declaration until martial law is lifted (and several months after it is lifted).

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Publication date: 24/04/2023
Marina Losenko

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Name: Marina Losenko

Position: Associate

Education: National Aviation University

Knowledge of languages: Russian, Ukrainian

Email: [email protected]

Marina Losenko is a lawyer of the company, specializing in corporate law and intellectual property law.

Marina has extensive experience of registration and dissolution of enterprises, charities and non-governmental organizations, representative offices of foreign companies as well as formalization of changes to registration information of the entities.

For quite a long time she has been working in the field of licensing and obtained licenses for different types of business activities including sale of medicines (license for activities of drugstores); wholesale of pesticides and agrochemicals; activities with scrap; activities with hazardous wastes; operations with scrap of precious metals and gemstones; private security services; transportation; tour services; use of redio frequency resource; IPTV services, etc.

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