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LLC registered as VAT payer
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What we offer

  • offer a Client options of companies with VAT payer status, according to his needs, including which were registered more than a year ago;
  • provide the full information on the chosen company, including period of registration and district of location, financial documentation (accounting) etc.;
  • upon providing a bail, at the request of the Client, we reserve the company, which you choose, for a period of time, which is necessary to check the company’s status;
  • guarantee that the company is clean;
  • prepare a package of documents for re-registration of a company to a Client by agreement with him or her and send it for approval;
  • arrange meeting with a notary to sign documents, which are necessary for re-registration of a company to a Client if necessary;
  • undertake re-registration procedure and obtain documents confirming that the re-registration is completed (by agreement).


For buying companies registered as vat payers it is required:

List of documents
passport information and identification codes of new members and a director of the company
information on a new location (if changed)
information on a new name (if changed)

If a new member of the company is a legal entity, it will need a scan copy of the extract from the Unified State register or code according to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine from the legal entity.

Service packages offers

2500 UAH
The lawyer will provide answers to questions and the following information:
  • Is it advisable in your case to buy a ready-made company with the status of a VAT payer?
  • Options of companies and providing information about them (dates of registration, location, state of accounting)
  • What is needed to re-register the company, the timing and cost of such services with our company
Firm with VAT
from 10 000 UAH
  • Advising on existing companies and the best option for the Client
  • Providing information on selected companies with the status of VAT payer (registration date, location, accounting status)
  • Transfer of constituent documents of the finished company (approved and received at initial registration)
from 15 000 UAH
  • Providing information about the selected company (registration date, location, accounting status)
  • Preparation of documents for re-registration of the company
  • Turnkey re-registration (organization of re-registration by a notary, submission of documents to the state registrar, receipt of documents with updated information about the company from the registrar)
  • By agreement - change of name, location, new extract from the register of VAT payers, etc.
You will receive:
  • Constituent documents of the finished company (approved and received at the initial registration)
  • Reissued constituent documents
If the buyer is a foreigner:
  • Assistance with translation of documents into English (foreign founder)
  • English-speaking lawyer

We offer to buy LLC registered as VAT payer at a price from 10000 UAH. This amount of money does not include the cost of re-issuing a company.

All the companies, which are sold by our firm, are completely clean and have no history. We can provide guarantees that if you buy LLC registered as VAT payer from us, you will not expect any surprises.

Legal advice on buying a ready-made company with VAT in Ukraine

If you want to know about all your possible options, we offer an introductory legal consultation regarding the acquisition of a VAT company in Ukraine. At such a consultation, a lawyer will be able to analyze your situation and your goal in more detail, after which he will provide recommendations on how to best achieve such a goal. So, we had cases when the Client urgently wanted to buy a company with VAT to participate in the tender, but upon a detailed analysis of his situation, it turned out that the most optimal option for his particular situation would be to register a company "from scratch" with a specific development of a charter for the purpose companies.

Introductory consultation is your opportunity to describe your situation in detail and get clear and understandable advice from a lawyer.

The cost of an entry consultation is from UAH 2500. If you order the main service from us, this amount will be included in the cost of the firm with VAT in Ukraine.

Why us

Absolute cleanness of a company
All the companies, which are sold by our firm, have been registered for the purpose of their further sale. Therefore, they just wait for their buyer. The companies did not carry out business activities and have history.
You need only two working days to own llc registered as vat payer
Ready-made companies registered as VAT payers are usually required within tight deadlines. We can provide re-registration of a company to a Client within two working days, not counting the day of signing and certifying documents at the notary's office. However, if necessary, we can provide the service, which include making changes to the Unified State Register database the day after the documents are signed at a notary.
Age of company is more than a year
We have had companies, which were registered more than a year ago. Often, this is one of the main criteria for participation in a tender.
Possibility for further postal service of the legal address
All the companies, which are sold by our firm, are located at the addresses, where we can receive postal correspondence, and if necessary, to conclude a sublease contract in the future. Therefore, if you buy a company using our services, you will not need to immediately search an office and change its location.
Our mission is to make the solution to any of your questions simple. Do you want to start a business in Ukraine? We will select the best option for you and take care of its implementation.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

Our successful projects

Purchase of LLC with VAT.
08/27/2020 accompanied the purchase of the company with VAT.
The company in the Shevchenko district of Kiev
Form of incorporation: LLC
Date of registration: 02.2020
Place of registration: Kiev
Taxation system: with VAT
Revolutions: without revolutions
Cost: from 6000 UAH.

If you are located in Kyiv or have an opportunity to come for examination of documents of a company, which is sold, we propose to arrange meeting at our office.

In this case, we can provide you with a full package of documents; answer all questions about history of a company, which may be interesting for you.

As a rule we propose a few companies, which are registered in different time at different districts of Kyiv. Moreover, companies have different names.

We ask to admit that we do not provide the list of codes and names of firms, which are sold, without bails. This can be determined by a huge interest form the side of different dishonest mediators, law enforcement bodies and journalists who don’t examine a topic clearly and make various conclusions and actions. We do not want you to buy companies, which were put for sale on other web sites.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What includes the procedure for re-issuing a company registered as VAT payer to a Client?

Our lawyers prepare necessary documents, send them to a Client for approval, and arrange a meeting at a notary to sign the documents for re-registration after providing a bail from a Client. The next day after the documents are signed at a notary, our specialists submit the documents to a public register, and corresponding changes in the database of the Unified State Register are made 24 hours since submitting the documents. From this moment, a Client becomes an owner of the company. Time for making changes can be shortened and information on a new owner will appear in the database of the Unified State Register on the day of submitting if necessary.

What are the guarantees that a company, which is sold, does not have "surprises"?

First of all, all the companies, which are sold, have been registered by us to our founders and director for the purpose of their further sale. Therefore, they "were kept" properly from the very beginning and were not conducted any activities. Secondly, a Client has an opportunity to check the firm, which he is going to buy. After placing the collateral by the Client, We provide a Client with information on this company, including a code according to the Unified State Register of Enterprises and Organizations of Ukraine and a name after providing a bail by him or her.

How long does it take to re-issue a company registered as VAT payer to a Client?

Maximum speed of reissuance is two working days or just over a day. If a Client requests not later than the usual lunch on a working day and not a pre-holiday working day, we can prepare documents on the same day and arrange a meeting at a notary for their signing. The next day we submit the documents to a public register and changes in the database of the Unified State Register are made on the expedited procedure on the same day.

Why is it not possible to register changes on the day of signing documents at a notary?

It is not possible, because when a company is re-issued, a change of director takes place. There can be no two heads in one day. Requirement of the law to certify minutes of the general meeting at a notary made it impossible to dismiss an old head of yesterday.

Learn more about buying companies registered as VAT payers in Kyiv

We propose companies registered as a value added tax payers mainly in the Pecherskyi and Shevchenkivskyi districts of Kyiv city. This is due to popularity of the abovementioned districts.

The average age of companies, which are sold, is about six months. The companies provide reports on time and do not conduct any business activity. Bank accounts are not opened.

In order to re-issue a company, it is necessary to sign a number of notarial documents, such as a new version of a charter of the company and minutes of the general meeting, during which old owners withdraw from the company, and new ones enter into it. If necessary, you can change owners and a head, as well as a name, a legal address, constitutional documents and types of activities. All of this can be provided promptly and qualitatively by our specialists.

Moreover, it will be necessary to sign a number of non-notarial documents, the most important of which is a contract for the sale of corporate rights.

At first sight, a process of buying an enterprise may seem simple, but if you do it for the first time, you need to take into consideration a lot of nuances, so we do not recommend buying companies from unverified owners, even if they act in good faith, the lack of a professional approach will only add difficulties in the future.

We can propose companies registered as VAT payers, as well as companies, which in addition have different licenses - for security activities, construction activities, medical practice and others.

The advantage of cooperating with us is that our company has been actively engaged in registration issues and obtaining various licenses since 2006, therefore we know all questions, which may arise from public register or a notary; therefore there will be no need to redraft documents, which will considerably save time and money.

If you need a ready-made company - contact us! It's easy, safe and efficient to get your company set up with us!

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