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Buy LLC with a licence for medical practice

Buy LLC with a licence for medical practice

What we do

  • help to select LLC with a license for medical practice;
  • support procedure of reregistering a company by a notary;
  • support procedure for making changes in medical license by agreement;
  • conduct consultations on legislative regulation of activities in medical practice.


Company with medical license
from 2500 USD

We offer to purchase LLC with a license for a medical practice from 40 000 UAH.

Re-registration of a company at the notary is paid separately.

Our firm can also offer to buy a company for a higher cost. The difference in price between companies is based on how the license was obtained: how many specialties are opened and what year of the company's registration.


Company with medical license

Legal form: LLC
Registration date: 10.2016
Date of license obtainment: 02. 2017
Tax system: VAT excluded
Volumes: without volumes
Cost: 40 000 UAH.


  • plus

    LLC is ready for operation

    You do not need to compile additionally a license and other documentation. It remains only to sign several required papers, and LLC with a license for medical practice are in your property.
  • plus

    Explain how to avoid fines

    We will help you to undergo scheduled and unscheduled inspections by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and other regulatory bodies. This will help to avoid administrative fines and revocation of a license for a medical practice.
  • plus

    Help to re-issue a license

    Our specialists in the sphere of medical law will help you make adjustments to your license. The procedure for re-issueing the license automatically lasts for a month or a month and a half (possible to do it faster at an additional cost).
  • plus

    Time saving

    The companies we sell are registered for resale. They did not carry out any activity, but waited for their buyer. Thus, you can be sure of the transparency of the company.


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Documents for company purchase

  • Passports of new owners and director of a company
  • Information on the new name of a company (if changed)
  • Information on the new address of a company (if changed)

To buy a company with a license for medical practice it is enough one person. He will become a founder and a head of the company.

We need passports of all owners and the head of the company, as well as their identification numbers for making changes.

When buying a company, the name of the company may be changed. In this case, it is necessary to amend the license register, which is conducted by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on its official site.

Changing the name (as well as the legal address) is not required when purchasing the company with a license for a medical practice.

If name or address of the company is planned to be changed, we need to obtain this information by the time of notarization of the new version of the company's charter.


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Important to know

If you are located in Kyiv, you can come to our office and get acquainted with the documents of the medical company.

In this case, we will provide you with a full package of documents and answer all your questions about the company.

We do not provide lists of codes or names of companies that are put up for sale without bails.

Why? This can be determined by a huge interest from the side of dishonest mediators: law enforcement bodies and journalists, who do not examine a topic clearly and make conclusions. We do not want you to buy companies, which were objects of investigations or TV programs, and were put for sale on other websites.


Is it possible to change a name of a company with a license for a medical practice if it is sold?
When buying a firm, its charter is confirmed in a new edition. Therefore, it is possible to change the name or address of the medical company, as well as the types of activities, size of the authorized capital and other data.
How is a medical company reissued?
A client makes an advance in a size of 10% of the firm's value and we reserve it for you for a period of its examination and re-issue. When we got all the required information from you by email (or in other way), we will arrange a meeting at a notary office within 1 day. During this meeting we make final settlements for the company. If we deal with registration of changes, the Client will see the changed data of the owners and the head of the company in the Unified State Register within 2-3 days. Our lawyers can make changes to the Licensing register by separate agreement.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Buy a medical company

What is the advantage of our offer? Why would a person who typed in a web search engine "buy a medical company" should pay attention to our offer?

Firstly, this is the cost at which you can buy a medical company by retaining our services. We offer different options of companies: with different specialties, registration date, district, presence / absence of VAT. We are ready to trade even with such market value.

Secondly, all companies with a license for a medical practice, which we put for sale, are registered by our specialists. We can provide a full package of documents, which was submitted for obtainment of a license. Why is this important? You will not have to look for the answer to the question: how to check the medical license?

What are the guarantees? Familiarity with the package of documents submitted for obtaining a license and checking them.

By purchasing a company with a license for a medical practice, you do not have to spend on auditing its activities, as we do not carry out any turnover on the company and submit reports on time. The costs of auditing such a company will be minimal.

The cost of buying a company is from 40 000 hryvnia.

If the price does not allow you to buy a company with a license for a medical practice, we can agree on the possibility of a discount. If the cost of a medical company for you is still substantial and you have time, you can get acquainted with the conditions for obtaining a medical license with the legal help of our firm.